What’s The Best Location To Install An Anchor On A Pontoon Boat?

A pontoon boat and a heavy-duty anchor are a must if you own a boat or are fond of boating very often.

An anchor is a piece of heavy metal with a robust cable or chain attached to one end in a general sense. The general purpose is to moor down a kayak or a boat to the sea bottom. 

A kayak is a much stable option that may or may not require an anchor, but it’s a must for traditional boats like a pontoon boat since the anchor maintains the pontoon boat’s stability over the water surface.

However, a loosely set anchor or an anchor installed at the wrong location is similar to not having an anchor.

Hence, it would help if you looked for the best ways and locations to install an anchor on your pontoon boat. 

What’s the best location to install an anchor on a pontoon boat?

Now, since you understand the function and necessity of an anchor on a pontoon boat, you’d like to know its best installation place on the boat.

Without much ado, here are the best locations to install an anchor on your pontoon boat. 

1. On the front

Many sailors may argue with me over this, but it’s true. The front part of your pontoon boat is the best location for installing the anchor as it provides much more stability on the water.

It is also better than rear anchoring when there are chances of its entanglement with the other objects while floating.

In a nutshell, anchoring off the front is the best option as it securely holds the anchor whether you use the winch or not.

2. Boat’s face into the water current or wind

You must know that wind flow and water current are the two main reasons behind any boat or vessel’s instability.

Hence, anchors are the best means to get around them, as per the sailors and captains. It’s the best option to install the anchor facing the wind currents or wind flow in this light. 

Furthermore, it is essential to decide which of the two is the strongest to finalize the one location for installing the anchor.

It is because you can not have two anchors on a single boat. Once finalized, install the anchor with its face pointing outwards from the hull. It will also help you in sailing through the mud, sand, or muck.

3. The cleat of the pontoon boat

After the front part of the pontoon boat, the cleat is another significant part of the anchor’s installation.

For this, you’d check the depth of the water. It will help you get an idea of the length of the rope required and the distance between the vessel and the bed of water. 

Stabilize the anchor on the cleat before turning on the engine and drop it into the sea. 

4. Off the fore or rear end of the pontoon boat

Let’s be clear on this. Anchoring on the fore or rear of the pontoon boat is valid only if you are using an electric anchor winch.

They are the best locations to install an anchor on your pontoon boat, considering the wiring required.

5. Pontoon decking

The deck of your pontoon boat is another ideal location to install an anchor. To make the most of it, you can additionally add more ledges. There are multiple benefits of using ledges on a pontoon boat:

  1. They lend more stability to the boats with narrow foredecks.
  2. Ledges are resistant to corrosion.
  3. They don’t require drilling holes for installation. 

Hence, the ideal locations for installing an anchor on a pontoon boat are:

  • The front,
  • Fore or rear end,
  • Face facing the wind or water currents, and
  • Cleat.

A step-by-step guide to anchoring

While everyone will have a unique way of installing an anchor on the pontoon boat, the below is an essential step-by-step guide to anchoring on your pontoon boat.

1. Measure the rode length

Rode is the length of the rope that connects the anchor to the boat. Its length determines the depth to which the anchor will fall into the water.

Hence, its length is significant. If proper measurements are not there, either the anchor will not reach the bottom of the sea bed, or it’ll open up more than required. 

You may depict the rode length through your experience in the earlier times, but now, it’s not applicable.

As a thumb rule, the rode length should stretch 5-7 times the depth of the water into which it’ll fall. You can get the water depth by using a depth meter. 

2. Install the anchor on the bow of the pontoon boat

The bow is another significant location to install anchors on the pontoon boat. However, if you’re installing an anchor on any other location, follow the instructions manual for that particular location.

3. Position the boat

Before dropping the anchor off the boat, you must always position your pontoon boat. Determine the most potent force out of the wind or water current and the direction in which it is moving.

Then, direct the boat’s bow in that direction. Doing the above is critical to ensure your boat’s stability and lessen the chances of drifting.

Furthermore, ensure your surroundings are free from any obstacles in the form of people, any platform, etc.

4. Drop the anchor

After installing the anchor at its most ideal location on the pontoon boat and directing the boat in a direction, let’s drop the anchor.

However, make sure to drop it gently into the water. It will also allow the anchor to have a better grip on the sea bed. 

What if you got an under-deck anchor?

If that’s the case, you have a pre-installed anchor, and you can’t change it. Now, if you’re boating in extreme conditions, you may drift or spin on one spot due to this.

In such a case, you should install another anchor in the opposite place to oppose this pre-installed under-deck anchor.

That’s if the under-deck anchor is at the rear end of the boat, drop another anchor off the front end, and vice-versa.

What’s the best location to install an anchor winch?

The best location to install an anchor winch on your pontoon boat is the deepest portion of your anchor locker.

How should an anchor be set on a boat?

Here’s how you can anchor your boat.

  • First, infer the depth of the water using a depth meter.
  • Compute the amount of anchor scope.
  • Now, lower the anchor and secure its cable to a bow or cleat (preferred).
  • Ensure there is no drag movement.
  • If there is any dragging, reset the anchor.
  • To recover the anchor, slowly move towards the anchor and pull its rope slowly.

Where should you avoid anchoring your boat?

There are several spots you should avoid anchoring your boat. These include lee shore, fairways, channels, prohibited areas, oyster beds, mussel beds, restricted areas, sea beds (not suitable for your anchor), and other depths (not suitable for your cable).

Furthermore, the place you may consider to anchor your boat may or may not have instructions to do so.

Hence, consult any passersby for the same. But never anchor your boat at any location where you should not do it.


What is the best location to install an anchor on a pontoon boat? 

There’s no authoritative answer to the question; everything depends. However, as a reference, you must always position one from the front of your pontoon boat.

Especially in case you’re manually allowing your anchor to come down off the boat. However, on the off chance that you have an electric anchor winch, the boat’s rear is the best spot.