Best Travel Trailer Under 25 Feet [ Complete List With Updated Info ] 2022

Having a mini-vacation with your significant other or a couple of friends is something we all desire. A mini travel trailer (Not as tiny as you would think!) is just the right vehicle for such a weekend getaway.

If you think of buying a travel trailer under 25 feet, this is just the article for you. Read further to see some of the best travel trailers smaller than 25 feet.

Best Travel Trailers Under 25 Feet

1. Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite travel trailer

It has all the features for a comfortable travel trailer. Most of Micro Lite’s floor plans provide enough space for 3-4 people, so they are ideal for couples.

It has a full aluminum frame and radius roof on the outside. The interior is also good, with premium speakers on the inside.

There are 17-floor plans available which means you get a great variety of options. This travel trailer also has a power awning with an adjustable rain dump and proper LED lighting.

This unit’s flooring plans cater to pet-friendly campers as it provides room for kennels and large animal sleeping areas. It has a vinyl composite roofing membrane and a full aluminum frame for the roof, floor, and sidewall.


  • Length: 20-25 feet.
  • Unloaded weight: 3127-5277 lbs
  • Sleep: 3-8 people
  • Awning Size: 15 feet.

If you consider buying this, you should look into the Flagstaff Micro-Lite 19FD and the Flagstaff Micro-Lite 25FBLS.

2. Lance 1475

Lance has made this model for several years now. It is a 19 feet 8 inches model. It is a lightweight travel trailer that is ideal for couples, single people, and people with small families.

It has several models having a GVWR of 3700 pounds. If you want to make a difference from your side for the environment, Lance is the way to go.

This company makes travel trailers that are toxin-free and ecologically friendly. Plus, this is a named brand so that you can trust the quality.

The 2020 model comes in at 2600 pounds Gross Dry Weight with an 1100-pound cargo carrying capacity and a tongue weight of 250 pounds. It can easily be towed by a regular SUV, given its size and weight.


  • Length: 19 ft 8 inches.
  • Dry weight: 2600 pounds.
  • Sleep: 2-3 people.
  • Awning Size: 12 feet.

3. The Jayco Jay Feather 7 19BH

It is a recent model of Jayco Jay. It has a double-bunk configuration, a queen-sized bed, and a dinette that you can convert into another bed.

The front profile design gives it aerodynamic capabilities, making it easy to tow it.

This travel trailer has wood cabinetry and vinyl plank-style flooring, providing it a sophisticated interior. It also has a power awning and all the latest features as it is quite a recent model of the company.


  • Length: 22 ft 2 inches.
  • Dry weight: 3060 pounds.
  • Sleep: 5 people.
  • Awning Size: 13 feet.

4. Livin’ Lite Camplite CL16BHB

It is just 20 feet long, making it easy to maneuver in small spaces. It has a compact appearance from the outside (But do not judge a book by its cover!) But it has a lot to offer if you take a look inside.

This model is sufficiently spacious and comfortable for its size. It has vinyl flooring, which is easy to clean. The benches in the dinette area have vinyl upholstery as well.

It does not have a separate master bedroom. There are double bunk beds and converted dinette for sleeping purposes.

It means it can only sleep four people, making it unsuitable for large groups but ideal for couples or small families.


  • Length: 20 feet.
  • Dry weight: 2870 pounds.
  • Sleep: 4 people.
  • Awning Size: 10 feet.

5. KZ Sportsmen Classic 181BH

It is not a very spacious one but still sufficiently comfortable for smaller groups. The relatively large beds cover the majority of its space.

The two bunk beds measure 28 by 75 inches long enough for two adults to sleep in—the main bed in the bedroom measures 54 inches wide and 80 inches across.

There is also a dinette which you can convert into a fifth sleeping area, but it is suitable for children as it is a bit cramped.

It is relatively easy to maneuver, given its size and weight. Its freshwater tank has 20 gallons, so it is not suitable for long vacations.

It is ideal for campers who spend most of the time enjoying the outdoors, and it has a great name attached to it, so it is trustworthy.


  • Length: 20 feet 9 inches.
  • Dry weight: 3000 pounds.
  • Sleep: 6 people.
  • Awning Size: 14 feet.

Why under 25 feet?

Why is it important to take the length of a travel trailer into account while buying one? One might think it is a bit cramped to be inside a trailer under 25 feet on initial thought, but it is generally very comfortable for a small group of people.

Also, it has some added advantages that make up for being a little bit compact. There are several reasons for the popularity of travel trailers under 25 feet. Some of them are:

1. Ease of storage:

You can easily store it in your driveway along with your SUV. So, you do not need to buy or rent a separate parking space to park your trailer.

It saves money which you can spend on customizing your travel trailer as you need. Another advantage is the easy modification of these trailers.

You can buy a basic model that comes in your budget, and you can later upgrade it according to your need and the availability of money.

2. Size of families:

If you plan on vacationing with your nuclear family mostly, these travel trailers are ideal for you.

They can comfortably accommodate 3-4 people and are very convenient for couples. Most of them provide a nice awning so you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors without any worry.

3. Easy maneuverability:

Travel trailers with smaller lengths are easy to haul using your regular SUV, and you do not need a bigger pickup vehicle to carry them.

Having a more petite size makes it lightweight and even more accessible for a relatively more minor vehicle to haul it. So you do not need to buy a separate pickup vehicle just for the sake of pulling your camper.

4. Pocket-friendly:

Smaller travel trailers are cheaper than big spacious ones. And there is sufficient space for couples, so it’s a win-win situation.

Also, since they are lighter than bigger ones, they provide better fuel efficiency as less power is needed to carry them.

In Closing

Before you decide to buy a travel trailer, talk to the retailer thoroughly about the new models that might become available in the recent future.

Even if you do not need the new features that come with the latest version, you might get a better deal on the one you need.

Go through all the specifications and sort your priorities before making the big decision. Buying a travel trailer might turn out to be the best decision of your life!

A small travel trailer does not compromise on the features of a big RV. Generally, it just means the same kind of facilities and luxury as a regular-sized camper but fewer people.

It is especially ideal if you want to travel as a couple because you save a lot of money on buying, maintaining, fuel, etc. while getting the luxury of spending some quality time.

The list above helps you choose the trailer of your choice and have the time of your life camping in style.