Best Travel Trailers For Couples : [ 2022 Updated Guide ]

Trailer travel is a burgeoning concept, one that has gained increasing popularity in the last decade. The reasons for this are many and include:

Cost-effectiveness, Accessibility to natural terrains & The opportunity to enjoy downtime in a way one can customize depending on their preferences.

This article deals with the best trailer options for couples who wish to enjoy road trips the old way while maintaining privacy as a unit. The good news? There are quite a few great options in the market, each of which makes for a viable purchase!

Best Travel Trailers for couples

Before I list out the best in the biz, it might be advisable to state what distinguishes a trailer marketed exclusively towards couples. The primary factor is, of course, size.

We are talking attractive coups instead of larger trailers, the latter intended for a group of people such as families or friends. Couple trailers tend to be more streamlined in their approach, naturally more space-saving, and therefore, easier to drive around in it.

The other important factor is design. One would expect a travel trailer designed for couples to reflect the demographic it targets. Such a trailer would come with a different atmosphere conveyed through its interiors, some extra amenities, and would certainly be more private.

Additionally, given that the target population is predominantly young, the aim is to market products that are attractive but also come at a reasonable price. It is to aid young couples in purchasing a vehicle that fulfills the criteria without burning a hole in the pocket.

It is advisable to drive a towable rig due to its many benefits over a motorhome. It makes maneuvering tight spaces a little more difficult than usual, but the inconvenience is worth it due to its great pros.

The first thing to remember is to gauge exactly how much space your partner and you shall require.

It is a question of preference and habits- some people like compact structures and travel light, while others have a penchant for airy rooms, even within a trailer. Fortunately, there are different options to make one’s choice worth the buck.

Going to the other end of the spectrum, we have teardrop trailers that, yes, you got it right, resemble teardrops. They are known for their small size and are perfect for those who do not mind a tight squeeze.

If you are on a budget but are looking for a roomier upgrade, there is the option to pick a pop-up trailer- a flat, drivable structure that amplifies upon arrival at the campsite.

There is the classic trailer, which combines both space and a traditionalist approach to traveling on wheels. It is a cross between an RV and a tent and brings together the best of both.

Once you have agreed on the space criteria, the rest of the search is considerably quick.

1. Winnebago Micro Minnie

A 7-foot wide, compact model, it is hardly surprising that the Winnebago Micro Minnie is a popular choice for couples and a big seller for the company.

The vehicle comes equipped with exterior space for extra storage, which, in my opinion, can never be a bad thing! One of the most notable features of this trailer is its large windows, which aid cross ventilation and give one the impression of extra space.

The interiors have a tasteful design to make the livable space seem more expansive, while slide rooms can help maximize the space at hand.

Couples can choose from among eleven different floor plans, each of which includes top-notch amenities like a spacious cooking space, a refrigerator( double-door!), a microwave, etc.

There is a power awning with LED lights and patio speakers for some nighttime music if you feel like it.

Furthermore, the vehicle comes with an LED TV, an AV system, and WiFi for all your entertainment needs.

Last but not least- one of the best things about the Winnebago Micro Minnie is that its compact size aids easy towing and turning. There is no need for cumbersome mirrors that are unnaturally large and hamper movement.

2. Happier Camper Traveler

One of my personal favorites, the Happier Camper Traveler, is the vehicular embodiment of the word “modular.” Lightweight and compact, it is set apart by how easily it lends itself to customization.

The vehicle comes equipped with modular pieces that you can use in different permutations to turn the interiors into a bedroom, an office space, a lounge, or a dining area.

The floors are lightweight but resilient fiberglass and make moving deceptively simple. That is not all; the modular furniture can easily double as outdoor furniture and storage.

The traveler is a pioneer in eco-friendly travel, too. If you are part of a couple looking to diminish their carbon footprint, this might be what you want.

The trailer has an optional solar package, eco-friendly bathroom features, a fuel-efficient operational base, and climate control. Truly a contraption for modern times.

Comfort has not, however, taken a back seat. There is a water heater, backlit wraparound shelves, and an option for an air conditioning unit. In other words, no stone shall be left unturned.

3. NuCamp TAB Teardrop Trailer

As mentioned earlier in the article, teardrop trailers are for those who prefer small spaces. It, however, is not synonymous with discomfort, and the perfect example to highlight it happens to be the NuCamp TAB.

It is a throwback to retro trailer travel with its u-shaped dinette, a queen-sized mattress in the sleeping space( yes!), and wood furnishings reminiscent of an earlier time.

The dinette is convertible- it is a kitchen while you cook and dine and a sleeping area otherwise.

A cost-efficient option for those on a budget, the NuCamp TAB is light and has an aerodynamic design that largely bolsters effortless towing.

No need for a large truck or an SUV. A toilet, a sink, and a wet bath are all under a Nautilus water management system. There is a solar package you can opt for, too.

Do not frown after seeing b a relatively small interior; the trailer has great exterior features. There are speakers, a TV, and an outside camp kitchen complete with a stove, sink, and fridge. A viable option for those on a budget, the NuCamp is cost-effective and delivers.

4. Palomino Puma Travel Trailer

The Palomino Puma is a big vehicle. However, the design is sleek and streamlined and is thereby not difficult to drive around here. Bonus, it is not an eyesore either.

Perfect for couples who like a bit of space when out camping or families with children, the trailer comes with 43 different floor plans, each of which allows for plenty of sleeping space.

There are also a few that include bunk beds- always a great option for growing families. We have here a spacious front kitchen layout, not much smaller than your kitchen at home.

It also has a full-sized cooking range, a large refrigerator, and a sliding dinner recliner that maximizes seating space. Add to it a jackknife sofa, and you might as well be at home.

The vehicle has two points of entry which are packing and unpacking a cakewalk. There is a sliding patio door for when you want to let the sunlight in, and the king-size mattress is even expandable!

Other features include:

  • Cutting-edge Beauflor flooring.
  • A pre-wired solar energy unit for adventurers who like to trail off the grid.
  • LED lighting.
  • An entertainment unit.
  • It has a rubber roof that works as adequate insulation.

It is spacious, durable, and perfect for a family. There is even a manufacturer’s warranty that extends up to twelve years! Keep in mind that even though pricey, you are unlikely to go wrong with this purchase.

5. Coachmen Freedom Express

Welcome to the world of ultra-light luxury RVs, where the Coachmen Freedom Express Supreme.

Spacious at a relatively low price, this model is for those who like good products at affordable prices.

The most striking feature of this vehicle is its light build.

For a vehicle around 7 feet high and comes equipped with a considerable range of amenities, towing the Coachmen Freedom is barely any trouble.

It has a stunning outdoor kitchen, fully stocked with all the implements you might need to whip up a gourmet meal.

There are cabinets, a large kitchen with tall faucets, and, best of all, Coleman grills and a mid-size fridge.

The indoor kitchen is just as impressive with its roomy counters, a double basin, and a bevy of kitchen appliances at one’s disposal. There is a microwave, an oven, and a three-burner stove.

One of the Freedom Express’ USPs is the space it encapsulates. It is obvious from the bathroom with a separate shower cubicle and adequate counter space for toiletries.

The bedroom is similarly roomy and features a large king-sized bed with cupboards by the sides, the foot, and over the bed.

There is no fear of banality here, for there are eighteen different floor plans to make one’s choice from, each of which combines the same features in the same space. Take your pick!

6. Forest River Flagstaff Micro-lite Travel Trailer

Armed with interiors that extend to twenty feet, this trailer is a safe bet for those who like to travel in luxury. It has a light build, and you can easily pull it by minivans or SUVs.

The interiors are driftwood, there are 17-floor plans to make one’s choice, and the trailer is a study of modern amenities.

There is a fully stocked kitchen complete with a range of appliances, a fridge, a microwave, spacious counters, and a tabletop.

The entertainment unit is top-notch and comes with an array of interior and exterior speakers( marine grade), a Bluetooth stereo, a WiFi device that comes with a range extender, and a 24 inch LED TV.

There is tasteful LED lighting, a radius roof, a spacious queen-size bed, and a corner bathroom with a separate shower cubicle.

The trailer has a power awning with LED lighting and an adjustable rain pump using an eco-friendly module.

A travel trailer is a serious investment, no matter how low the cost. And as with any long-term investment, maintenance and upkeep are criteria you must take seriously.

If staying online is something you take seriously( for those on the job or addicted to Instagram), a WiFi booster is a good idea.

A solar-powered charger can be a useful implement to have around, especially if you want mobility when working.

There is a range of other RV gadgets to choose from if you want to upgrade the interiors/exteriors. Command Strips are great for fixing pictures on walls or for hanging up your favorite knickknacks.

Additional kitchen appliances never go amiss- such as rice cookers for easy steaming and boiling.

Get in place a sustainable cleaning system with the option to recycle and dispose of in an environment-conscious way. Collapsible tubs are great for general cleaning.


There is a lot to be said about trailer travel, and most of them are pretty cool.

It is sustainable, cost-effective, allows one to be closer to nature, enables more agency, and can help cut out white noise.

Therefore, it is no surprise that RVs are getting better by the day- chock-full with amenities and a study in luxury and comfort on wheels.

A little research goes a long way, and it has never been more important before a serious purchase such as buying an RV.

It is a burgeoning market and has expanded to cater to several categories of the target clientele. One of the best buyers features couples, and that is what this article focuses on here.