Best Travel Trailers For Half Ton Trucks : [ 2022 Updated ]

Half-ton trucks are a particular category of trucks. The segregation is according to the payload, with a ton traditionally being 2,000 pounds. That would make a half-ton truck be 1,000 pounds.

As implied by the weight specs that a half-ton truck has, it can bear a weight of up to one thousand pounds. Modern-day half-ton trucks, however, often exceed this capacity.

This article aims to compile a comprehensive list of the best travel trailers for half-ton trucks and the features they encapsulate.

Best travel trailers for half-ton trucks

The primary objective of a travel trailer that goes with a half-ton truck is to find one that matches the truck’s capacity. There are a few good options on the market. The trick is to aim for a weight reading well within limits to avoid the possibility that the trailer might prove too heavy for the truck.

The secondary factor to keep in mind is the amenities required for a comfortable stay in the RV. Given the length of adequate research, the search should not be too difficult.

The following list contains the names and essential features of travel trailers well suited for half-ton trucks.

1. Flagstaff Super Lite 524LWS

The Flagstaff Super Lite is best known for its streamlined design and spacious interiors with a lightweight aluminum body and fiberglass sidewalls.

It has an open floor plan with the living/dining area, bathroom, and sleeping space nicely ordered.

It also has a full range of amenities, the likes of which include a flat-screen TV, a cooker, a microwave, storage cabinets, a sofa that pulls out into a double bed, a fridge, and a freezer.

There is a two-door bedroom for easy accessibility.

It has an en suite bathroom, sufficient storage space in the form of overhead cabinets. The trailer sleeps up to 4 people.

One of the downsides of this RV is that it might prove cumbersome for older half-ton trucks. Make sure to precheck if your truck is up for the job before making a purchase.

2. Forest River Arctic Wolf

Towable only by modern half-ton trucks, the Forest River Arctic Wolf has an overall weight of approximately 9,800 pounds.

Same as its predecessor, it has an aluminum body and fiberglass sidewalls that help make the structure significantly lighter.

Additionally, the vehicle comes with an auto-leveling mechanism that improves balance.

The interiors are roomy with a private sleeping area with a queen-size bed, a sofa that seats(or sleeps) 2, and an extra sofa with heating and massage features: a 4-person dinette, an adequately equipped kitchenette, and a bathroom bearing all the requisite amenities.

Storage space is sufficient and fits in with the design.

Lastly, this RV also features a slide-out component that helps maximize the space when dormant.

3. Rockwood Ultra Lite

This travel trailer combines a low weight with impressive amenities and is a popular model in the industry.

Like the previous two models on our list, this vehicle too comes with an aluminum body and fiberglass sidewalls. The overall weight of the camper is around 7,200 lbs.

This RV contains all the amenities necessary to ensure a comfortable stay.

The living area has a dinette and a sofa bed that sleeps two, while the bedroom is an ensuite with privacy drapes and a fully equipped bathroom.

The kitchen is well stocked and comes with a fridge, a microwave oven, and a cooker. There is a lot of storage space, both inside and on the outside of the vehicle.

4. Palomino Puma 255RKS Fifth Wheel

Another great trailer that presents no problems for half-ton trucks, old or new, the Palomino Puma weighs 8,800 pounds but feels much lighter owing to the judicious implementation of lightweight wood and aluminum for the construction.

The floor plan allows for a lot of space to move around the areas for sleeping, dining, and showering are all sectioned off suitably to create the maximum amount of space possible.

The dinette, for example, slides in and out for allocating more space if the need for it arises.

There is sufficient storage space, the design is sleek, and the materials used for construction are very durable.

The only downside to this trailer is that it sleeps just two people due to the absence of a convertible sofa. However, it makes for a very viable option for a couple or a solo traveler.

5. Escape 5.0TA Fifth Wheel

With a weight of only 5,500 pounds, the Escape 5.0 is a spacious trailer that is easily towable, easily navigable, and the right size for two people.

The first thing you might notice about this vehicle is the abundance of windows- a welcome feature that guarantees a lot of light.

It has all the amenities necessary for a camping expedition, the likes of which include a microwave, a fridge, a television, and a TV. Additionally, there is a lot of storage space, so do not hesitate to pack heavy!

There also is a provision for a bike rack at the back, so, good news, you will be able to take your bikes with you.

6. Crossroads RV Sunset Trailer

A travel trailer especially suited for couples or small families looking to implement a little bit of luxury in their traveling, this vehicle is the perfect combination of comfort and style.

It is just under 26 feet long and features a spacious, free-flowing floor plan.

A king-size bed, a sectional sofa with a chaise lounge, large sinks with high-rise faucets, LED lighting, and a walk-in pantry.

The fresh, gray, and black water tanks have large capacities, making for a very functional sewage system. Additionally, there are optional upgrades available as per preference.

7. Keystone Outback 342CG

The Keystone Outback clocks in at 10,500 lbs and has just the right weight to fit in with a half-ton truck’s payload.

This vehicle is a big one- it sleeps eight! The sleeping area is sectioned off and comes with privacy drapes, while there is also an area where bunk beds reside. You can flip these up when not in use to make more room.

This particular model has many exclusive additions, some of them rarely seen in most other travel trailers.

For example, the Keystone Outback has a fireplace in the main area and a built-in kennel for pets.

There is plenty of storage and a convertible sofa that can be turned into a bed for two if you have more company than previously anticipated.

Furthermore, it is also accessible by a wheelchair and has a 56-inch extendable ramp door.

8. Heartland North trail 24 DBS

Ideal for mid-size families, this trailer features a lightweight and homely design that is sure to make one feel right at home.

It has a smart floor plan, with the two main sleeping areas positioned at the front and back respectively, and sectioned off from the main area for privacy.

The main bedroom is at the front and has a king-size bed.

There is a second sleeping space at the back featuring bunk beds. You can flip these up when not in use to make more room.

There is a well-stocked kitchen, a roomy bathroom, and all the modern amenities required to make a short/long stay in the vehicle as comfortable as can be.

You also get an entertainment center in the living space that comes fully equipped with many assortments such as cable hook-ups, USB ports, WiFi prep, and an in-built solar device.

What size travel trailer can a half-ton truck pull?

There are no specific size requirements that render a trailer towable by a half-ton truck.

The primary factor, as discussed previously, is the weight of the RV and whether it falls into the payload range of the truck. An approximate upper limit is 10,500 pounds.

The kind of truck in use also determines the amount of weight it can pull.

Older models tend to have lower payloads. Stringer brands are known to be able to tow trailers weighing upwards of 10,000 pounds easily. A modern truck such as a Ford F-150 can tow up to 13,200 pounds.

It is advisable to purchase a trailer weighing under 10,000 lbs when working alongside a half-ton truck to avoid the possibility of overtaxing the vehicle.

What are the considerations that you need to make before buying a trailer for a half-ton truck?

The first and obvious step before purchasing a trailer for a half-ton truck is to check the payload with precision.

A hasty purchase could cost you a lot of money. Make allowances for older models. A newer model of the truck will be able to pull heavier loads. The factor that in before making a purchase.

The second requirement is to check the sleeping capacity of the trailer. Some trailers, even though spacious, do not have sleeping arrangements for more than 2-3 people.

The last factor to be ticked off a mental( or actual list) is amenities and special features.

Everyone has their preferences, and while some people like understated, roomy interiors, others may prefer more luxurious living.

Make sure to pick a trailer that fits your design sensibilities and has all the amenities you need to make yourself comfortable.


Buying a trailer is no mean feat and certainly requires careful consideration.

Prudent decision-making is advisable, especially when your purchase suits fit in with the payload capacity of the truck you will be using.

The keywords here are patience, precision, and, of course, research. From a personal standpoint, the last ranks highest on my list. The rest? A cakewalk!