Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Under 5000 Lbs: [ 2022 Updated ]

What is a bunkhouse travel trailer? Simply speaking, a bunkhouse travel trailer is one with a specific floor plan- that has provisions for a room with two or three bunk beds.

This room is usually positioned towards the vehicle’s rear and can accommodate up to 4 bunk beds.

A bunkhouse travel trailer can carry more heft than other models as an RV that features additional floor space( and beds).

In this article, we talk about the bunkhouse RVs that weigh-in and under a total of 5000 lbs and the best options available to a prospective customer.

Bunkhouse travel trailers under 5000 lbs

A lightweight bunkhouse RV is a treasure beyond words. Not only are you assured more space, driving, parking, and towing are all made easier owing to a more manageable weight.

In the following list are a few viable options to choose from when making a selection.

1. Venture RV Sonic Lite

Clocking in at a dry weight of 2,990 lbs, the Venture RV Sonic Lite is known for its compact, stylish interiors that bring to its residents a mix of comfort and accessibility.

The interiors have two sleeping spaces- bunk beds towards the rear and a Murphy bed that allows for a decent bedroom-ish area when rolled out.

Properly lightweight and easily towable, the Venture RV also comes equipped with state-of-the-art bathroom and kitchen fittings. There are six floor plans to choose from here.

2. KZ Sportsmen Classic 181BH

With a dry weight of 2,840 lbs, this particular model makes for a smart, affordable choice.

It is extremely lightweight and easily towable by even mid-size SUVs. KZ RVs are usually all quite functional, and the 181BH even more so.

It comes with folding steps, a storage area, adequate bed space, bedding, and a dinette to enable spacious dining.

It has an open-concept kitchen and a pretty great bathroom, so it ranks high up in the list of other amenities as well.

Finally, one of the best features of this bunkhouse travel trailer is the KZ RV app.

It connects you to the amenities in the trailer via a smartphone app. It is a convenient way to be updated regarding developments and assess the upkeep and maintenance requirements of the RV.

3. Jayco Jay Flight 174BH

A best-seller among bunkhouse RVs, the Jayco Jay Flight 174BH is a pioneer in the industry. It combines comfort with style and durability.

One of the more spacious bunkhouse travel trailers in the business, the Jayco Jay Flight comes equipped with a proper queen-sized bed and bunk beds.

The bedding is luxurious and thick and enables comfortable sleeping for everyone involved.

There are five other floor plans to choose from, storage areas, a three-year structural warranty, and various other benefits to avail here.

The Jayco Jay Flight 174BH is a smart investment that guarantees adequate returns, priced higher than its predecessors.

4. Lance Camper 2185

With a dry weight of 4,565 lbs, the Lance Camper 2185 is a large vehicle. It is a strong model, durable in structure and design.

Armed with a cargo-carrying capacity of 1,435 lbs, the Lance Camper 2185 is a giant in the industry.

It also has an automated outdoor awning that extends and retracts to provide shade and sanctuary for outdoor camping.

The interiors of the model are spacious, with adequate space for a bunk bed system that fits three people( three bunk beds) and a queen-size bed that can be converted into a sofa bed if the need presents itself.

A dinette also provides a separate and sufficient dining area; there is also space for extra storage.

If you have more guests than the demarcated sleeping areas can accommodate, you can turn the dinette into sleeping space for two.

Finally, all Lance Camper trailers feature a wet bath and a full galley.

5. Coachmen Clipper Ultra-Lite 21BH

This vehicle has a dry weight of 4,468 lbs. It is a stylish vehicle, well designed, and with structural integrity.

Compact in comparison to other trailers, they come equipped with many of the same amenities.

This model and other models in the same line have an aerodynamic design sensibility that lends to the vehicle a nice flow while also making it easy to tow.

It is well-rated in terms of energy efficiency, water usage, and indoor air quality.

A spacious dinette, a linen cupboard, and a bathroom equipped fully with a tub and a galley.

There is a queen-size bed in its room, while the bunk beds come with floor-to-ceiling curtains for privacy.

There is overhead storage space in the master bedroom. Additionally, you can flip up the bunk beds to make room for more storage if the need presents itself.

6. Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 25BRDS

The Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite is a little heftier than 5000 lbs, clocking in at a weight of 5204 lbs. It is a streamlined model that lends itself to easy towability. Most mid-range SUVs can do the job.

The best part about this bunkhouse trailer is part of its name, the bunks.

The bunks are comfortable and large enough to accommodate adults. You can draw some curtains for privacy, and there are decently sized windows in the rear for a nice view.

The bed itself is spacious and comes arrayed with thick bedding for a rejuvenating sleep.

You can fold the bed up during the day to make space for chairs and a table.

Furthermore, there is a bevy of amenities to make use of during your travel. There is a dinette, a fully stocked kitchen with a mid-size cooking range, and overhead storage.

7. Forest River R-Pod

The R-Pod models in the Forest River series cater towards smaller families( 4 people) and range between a weight bracket of 2,300-2,836 lbs.

Three of its nine-floor plans have provisions for bunk beds that are decently sized and comfortably made.

The list of amenities available involves:

  • A refrigerator.
  • A heating system.
  • An overhead shower in the bathroom( a Godsend!).
  • A two-burner cooktop.

Another additional benefit that makes the Forest River R-pods durable is their nitrogen tires, which are less susceptible to damage than a regular tire.

8. Livin Lite Camplite Travel Trailer

This lightweight bunkhouse travel trailer has a dry weight of 2,870 lbs that makes it a smart and affordable purchase option.

The interiors are roomy and fully furnished- the kitchen array is sufficient, the bathroom facilities are state of the art, and there is a retractable awning that you can use for providing shade and assistance for outdoor activities for warm days.

For a trailer that has a more compact design than its counterparts, the Camplite Travel Trailer is also family-friendly.

The RV has decent storage space, and some versions of the floor plans allow for accommodation of up to six people.

9. Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer 215RBK

The last on the list and one of the best in the business is this trailer.

Available in 27 different styles, some come with bunk beds- an automatic indicator of more accommodation provisions.

One of the best parts of this model is that it has both outdoor and indoor kitchens, a spacious dinette, a master bed with a memory foam mattress, multiple cabinets, and a flat-screen LED TV.

There is a retractable power awning, and the interior furnishes are in steel and hardwood.

What should you keep in mind before buying a bunkhouse travel trailer under 5000 lbs?

Before buying a bunkhouse travel trailer under 5000 lbs, there are a few things to consider. The first criteria are, of course, the weight.

Depending on your specific requirements and the size of the towing vehicle, decide which weight bracket you want.

There are travel trailers that range between 2300-2800 lbs, while those above and over 4000 lbs.

The second factor is to base your decision on the kind of accommodation you will be requiring.

A larger family calls for a larger trailer, with more bunk beds and more seating area.

Like some of the bunkhouse travel trailers on the list, there are several larger models to choose from here.

Budget, of course, plays an important role in finalizing decisions. Other imperative factors are energy efficiency, durability, materials in use, and structural design and warranty.


Purchasing a bunkhouse travel trailer is a serious investment.

It requires ample research, options to draw comparisons, and a checklist containing all the requisites you are looking to tick off.

That said, a bunkhouse travel trailer is also a great holiday home.

They are spacious and comfortable, can accommodate people easily, and are built for luxurious living while on the road.