10 Best Campers Under 5000 LBS Along With Their Popularity

Are you looking for a night or two out with family or friends? An RV (Recreational Vehicle) does not seem feasible? A camper is just the answer to all your questions.

RV is a general term for all vehicles that have amenities to amuse. A camper is an RV type that means a trailer pulled by a truck or any pickup vehicle. If you are thinking of buying a camper, I suggest you read further.

Why under 5000 lbs?

There is a reason people pay close attention to the weight of a camper before considering buying it. It is because you can tow it by another vehicle.

So, the camper must be light enough to be towed easily. Generally, whenever we talk about a camper’s weight, we mean it’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).

It is the vehicle’s total weight, including the cargo, passengers, fuel, and water. If you mistakenly look for the dry weight, that is, the weight of the vehicle alone (along with its necessary equipment), it might cause problems in the future.

It is because there is a significant difference in the vehicle’s weight with and without everything.

Dry weight is also known as Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW). So, do not get confused if there is mention of UVW in the attributes of a camper.

Best travel trailers under 5000 lbs

Let us move on to checking out some of the models that have GVWR less than 5000 lbs.

In the ones listed, apart from the weight, there are some other properties you need to check. Some of the best travel trailers under 5000 lbs are listed below.

1. Keystone Passport Travel Trailer

This is a very flexible option as Keystone provides more than 30-floor plan options, out of which six are suitable for us, i.e., weigh less than 5000 lbs.

Since there are so many options available, you have a variety to choose from, which is an essential factor as buying a camper is a huge decision (And an expensive one at that. So the more options, the merrier!).

Each of the models comes with a comfortable interior and spacious exterior.

It comes with external speakers, retractable awning, and proper lighting. Even if some of the features do not match your thoughts, you can easily customize these campers.


  • Good storage space.
  • 30,000 BTU furnace.
  • USB charging ports.
  • Retractable awning with LED lighting.
  • Sleeps 4 people.


  • GVWR: 6-floor plans under 5,000 lbs
  • UVW: 2860 lbs
  • Length: 16’ 4”
  • Height: Exterior: 8’, Interior: 7’ 7”

2. Jayco Hummingbird Teardrop-Style Travel Trailer

It is the smallest one of all our suggestions. Jayco Hummingbird has been winning hearts in the RV world for quite some time now.

Its small size offers all the basic facilities needed in a camper, except for a bathroom. In its 10RK model, there is no bathroom.

Other than that, there is sufficient storage space and a comfortable bed. Again, if some features do not satisfy, you can always add something new to it.


  • One-piece fiberglass roof.
  • Two burner stove.
  • Front and rear diamond plating.
  • External speakers.
  • Seven-floor plan options.
  • Up to 2 people can sleep.


  • GVWR: Between 2000-3950 lbs
  • UVW: Between 1545-3015 lbs
  • Length: Starting at 13’
  • Height: Starting at 80’

3. Gulf Stream Vista Cruiser Travel Trailer

It is a continuously evolving travel trailer that is constantly changing its interior and exterior designs. (Survival of the fittest and all!).

It provides us with the latest features or a better cost if we are willing to let go of some of the latest trends.

It has a seamless laminated fiberglass roof and vacuum-bonded walls. Most lighter ones do not offer slide-out designs, but several options are available if you go a little bit higher in weight.


  • 16,000-20,000 BTU furnace.
  • USB charging ports.
  • Sleeps 3-6 people.
  • Seven floorplan options under 5000 lbs.
  • Spacious form inside.


  • GVWR: Between 3980-4960 lbs
  • UVW: Between 2567-3410 lbs
  • Length: 20-23’2”
  • Height: 7’ 6.”
  • Slide-outs: In some selected models.

4. Forest River R-Pod Hood River 179 Travel Trailer

It offers nine floorplan options. It is light and comfortable to use and provides reasonable basic models as well as luxurious ones.

Also, there are several ways to customize it as you need. These are a suitable choice for couples or if you’re planning to travel in small groups.


  • Provides variety in all the features according to the model you choose.
  • 20,000 BTU Furnace.
  • Nine available floorplan options.
  • LED interior lighting.
  • Solar prep.
  • Sleeps 2-4 people.


  • GVWR: Between 3250-4835 lbs
  • UVW: Between 2497-3654 lbs
  • Length: Between 18’-20.’
  • Height: 96.”
  • Slide-outs: In some selected models.

5. Airstream Sport Travel Trailer

Its trademark aluminum exterior is what makes it lightweight and so common among RV fanatics. It is a little cramped, and you have to reduce the amount of cargo you carry on it.

However, it provides all the necessary amenities required according to the latest trends. The kitchen has a microwave, gas stove and fridge. There is sufficient space in the bathroom, sitting area as well as bedroom.


  • Exterior and interior shower.
  • Retractable awning.
  • Air conditioning and heating.
  • USB and 110V are charging ports.
  • Two-floor plans are available.
  • Up to 4 people can sleep.


  • GVWR: 3500 lbs
  • UVW: 2860 lbs
  • Length: 16’ 4.”
  • Height: Exterior: 8’, Interior: 7’ 7”

6. Coachmen Clipper Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer

Coachmen provide several options to choose from as they suit you. Although in all there are several more models, the ones having GVWR under 5000 lbs are 14. They are pretty spacious and follow all the safety precautions.


  • Seamless and spill-proof laminate countertops.
  • Fourteen models under 5,000 lbs GVWR.
  • Outdoor hot/cold shower station.
  • Power awning with LED lights.
  • Up to 5 people can sleep.


  • GVWR: Between 3634-4920 lbs
  • UVW: Between 2306-3984 lbs
  • Length: Up to 25’ 6”
  • Height: Up to 96”
  • Slide-outs: In some selected models.

7. Winnebago HIKE

It is one of the best of Winnebago’s under 5000 lbs campers. The exteriors are made for adventurous spirits, while the indoors are luxurious and comfortable.

You can also customize it using a few add-ons. The exterior has the strength that makes it easy to attach large adventure gear like kayaks.


  • Three-floor plans under 5,000 lbs GVWR.
  • A rugged exoskeleton to attach adventure gear like bikes and kayaks.
  • 18,000 BTU Furnace.
  • Off-road tires and fenders.
  • Wi-fi prep.
  • Sleeps 3-4 people.


  • GVWR: 4,000 lbs
  • UVW: Between 3460-3400 lbs
  • Length: 20’ 7.5”
  • Height: 7’ 9.”

8. KZ Sportsmen Classic Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailer

In addition to being lightweight, it provides all the features of a big trailer. There are 7-floor plans under 5000 lbs.

It provides variety, and we can choose according to our purpose. It has extra ground clearance and aluminum rims with 15” mud tires. It makes it safer and better for off-road adventures. In addition to the available features, there is additional customization available.


  • Seven-floor plans.
  • Solar prep.
  • Electric awning with LED lighting.
  • Aluma Tough Roofing with a 12-year limited warranty.
  • Up to 5 people can sleep.
  • Safe for difficult travel conditions.


  • GVWR: Between 3500-5000 lbs
  • UVW: Between 2790-3400
  • Length: Up to 23’ 2”
  • Height: Up to 90”
  • Slide-outs: Marine-grade aqua lodge tent window

9. Dutchmen Coleman Lantern LT Pull Behind Travel Trailer

This trailer is mainly suitable for families planning long vacations as it provides a lot of space and comfort.

Although there are sixteen models of Coleman Lantern, only eight of them have GVWR below 5000 lbs. There is enough variety to choose from, but they will have most of the basic features with a few changes.


  • Stereo AM/FM/MP3/SC/AUX.
  • USB Power Supply everywhere.
  • Bathroom Skylight.
  • You can live in it for months also.
  • Sleeps 4-6 people.
  • Power Awning.


  • GVWR: Between 3850-4840 lbs
  • UVW: Between 2986-3980 lbs
  • Length: Up to 22’ 9”
  • Height: 10’ 1”
  • Slide-outs: In some selected models.

10. Starcraft Satellite 18MK

It is an efficiently built travel trailer that primarily focuses on the necessary amenities of an RV. It is most suitable for a couple or small family.

The interior is a bit crampy, but there is a ton of storage space, and the layout is well set. All the models of Starcraft are under 5000 lbs only. It provides a strongly built structure, and you can easily tow it by a regular pickup vehicle.


  • Its Extreme Package is suitable for off-grid adventure.
  • Fiberglass floor and roof installation.
  • 13,500 BTU air conditioning.
  • Fully-fledged kitchen.
  • A slide-out dining area to make more room when parked.
  • Sleeps 3-4 people.


  • GVWR: 3,950 lbs
  • UVW: 3,315 lbs
  • Length: 22’ 3”
  • Height: 76.6.”
  • Slide-outs: It has a dining area.

Advantages of a Travel Trailer Under 5000 Lbs

After having seen some of the features of a camper under 5000 lbs, let us have a look at the advantages it provides:

  1. Easy maneuverability: A travel trailer under 5000 lbs is relatively easy to control while moving. Also, it can be moved by a large SUV or a small pickup truck quickly.
  2. Easy on pocket: A small camper may not provide a motorhome’s luxury, but we can still have the experience of an RV while staying within our budget.
  3. Fuel-efficiency: A camper weighing fewer than 5000 lbs consumes less fuel than a heavier one because less power is required to move it.
  4. It helps us experience adventurous trips and vacations by staying in the comfort of a home-like environment.

These are some of the advantages of a travel trailer under 5000 lbs over a heavy RV. Except for lack of space and luxury, travel trailers do not lag behind big, heavy RVs in any scenario.

Things to consider while buying an RV under 5000 lbs

The list of suitable travel trailers under 5000 lbs described above is just a ballpark for you. It provides you with the knowledge of all the essential features to check before buying an RV of your choice.

In case you do not choose from the list, you still should have sufficient knowledge to make a well-informed choice.

Apart from the weight, there are some other factors you need to consider before buying an RV under 5000 lbs. These factors are:

Sleeping capacity:

This is a significant factor to weigh in before making the purchase. It is because most of our outings include overnight stays.

In the rush of finding the lightest trailer, do not buy one that will not fit your family. Some trailers have bunk beds to utilize the space efficiently without increasing too much weight.

It would help if you also kept in mind the opposite. If you buy the RV for couples’ getaways, do not waste too much money buying a large RV because of the spaciousness. Utilize your resources carefully.


Make sure the kitchen has all the amenities you need and has a proper sink space as per your requirement.

You can also go for an outdoor kitchen as that helps you spend most of your time outside. It is extra beneficial if you plan to make adventurous trips. But in any case, cooking outside is a privilege.


This is an excellent feature that provides comfort and luxury to your trailer.

You can check which brands offer you this facility in the weight you want and if it is in your budget. These are also a great way of utilizing the space available efficiently.

Reviews from old customers:

Do your research before buying the RV, not just reading and exploring the shops.

It would help if you got in touch with your friends or contacts who have used the model (or a similar one) you plan on buying. After considering the feedback, make your final decision.


Ask and see for yourself whether the brand you plan on buying has the features you plan on using or not. You want to buy a trailer that suits all your needs perfectly.

You can also look into the various add-ons that some companies offer to customize them according to your requirements.

In Closing

These were some other things you need to keep in mind before making the big purchase. You are going to spend some of the best moments of your life in that RV.

One should not decide to buy it impulsively. And besides, the journey is better than the destination.

The research and exploration process is more fun than buying itself (Okay, I heard it!). So, take your time and then, after careful consideration of all the factors, Buy the RV of your dreams.