27 Camping Activities At Night : [ A Complete List of Ideas ]

While camping, you don’t need to stop all your activities when the sunsets. Instead of packing up and going to bed early like a good camper would do, continue entertaining yourself at night as well! Wondering what kind of nighttime activities? Well, there are surprisingly amazing ones that can help make this time fly by – whether it’s day or night.

We have made up a list of 27 camping activities that will make your nighttime fun-filled!

  1. Camping activities at night
  2. star Gazing
  3. practice your nighttime photography
  4. have a water balloon fight
  5. play music
  6. play flashlight I spy
  7. play cards or board games
  8. catch lightning bugs in a jar
  9. play camping bingo
  10. watch wildlife
  11. play guitar or any other instrument
  12. make a colored fire
  13. tell stories and jokes around the campfire
  14. go for a night swim
  15. do a craft
  16. family dance party
  17. have some marshmallows
  18. hiking in the dark
  19. reading
  20. games around the Fire
  21. release sky lanterns
  22. sit around the campfire
  23. play shadow charades
  24. flashlight scavenger hunt
  25. go for a drive
  26. light fireworks
  27. visit your neighbors

1. Star-Gazing

As you look up and around, it feels like the whole world has gone quiet. All of your worries seem to melt away as if they had never been there in the first place when you’re just sitting with only yourself for the company under a blanket of stars. It can be difficult at times, but why not take this chance to enjoy what’s right before our eyes because we’ll find ourselves wishing that these moments would have lasted even longer over time?

2. Practice your nighttime photography

The amazing memories that you would create at the campsite can be beautifully captured during the dark. If you love photography and know how to take awesome pictures, then don’t wait. Just grab up your phone and start up the game. Use unique features of your phone to capture better shots and save some memories.

3. Have a water balloon fight

All of us can remember filling up balloons and bursting them out on our friends in childhood. Well, camping would be a great chance to relive the memories again. Grab some colorful balloons. Fill them with water and just pop them on your peeps.

4. Play music

Play some outclass music and cherish time together with your family. Listening to music is always soothing to the soul and is a great night camping activity. Play your favorite music and keep amusing yourself with the beautiful scenario. You can choose to play karaoke and sing together.

5. Play flashlight spy

One of my favorite games to play on a camping night. In this game, one person spots an item with their flashlight and other people have to guess what it was that they saw- the first person who guesses correctly starts over again. It’s great for any age because there are so many different items from which you can choose!

6. Play cards or a board game

You can spend hours with your friends and family playing cards or board games! There are so many to choose from, but a few of my favorites include Scrabble Junior, UNO Jr., and Monopoly.

7. Catch lightning bugs in a jar

This is a kid’s favorite thing to do in the summer! But you can do it as a camping activity at night as well. Catch lightning bugs and put them inside of your jar, then watch as they glow. It feels like you’re right there with nature when you see all these gorgeous glowing insects up close for the first time.

8. Creative camping bingo

Camping bingo is a fun game to play. It’s also perfect for kids. You can make up the rules as you go or do traditional style Bingo if that’s more what you’re in the mood for. Whatever suits your fancy when it comes to this classic camp-out event, just have fun doing whatever works best at bringing everyone together around one big fire pit whooping it up while enjoying nature.

9. Watch wildlife

Wildlife is an important part of the natural world. When you’re in a place where there are lots of wild animals, don’t miss out on some unique creatures–you’ll see nocturnal animals like owls and foxes! And when it comes to walking around wilderness areas alone or with friends, remember that wildlife can be just as curious about us as we are interested in them.

10. Play guitar or any other instrument

If any of your friends have a guitar or musical instrument, don’t wait for anything and start singing your favorite songs. What a great feeling to play it sitting around the campfire at night. Play some soft and deep music. And keep enjoying the beautiful and scene with your mates.

11. Make a colored fire

Make your campfire more enchanting by adding color. Buy some colorful fire crystals from any art store, or soak pine cones in different kinds of salts before throwing them into the flames.

12. Tell stories and jokes around the campfire

Camping is an opportunity for people to reunite and have some fun conversations. The calming atmosphere that you get around the campfire allows us as humans to connect at a deeper level. Utilize this time by telling your childhood stories, sharing jokes with one another or anything else that will make everyone laugh!

13. Go for a night swim

Swimming is a great way to relax and cool down during the summer months. If you can camp near your favorite water spot, do some nighttime swimming with friends or family after sundown! Make sure everyone has appropriate swimwear on before diving in – don’t forget about safety too: make sure there are enough lifeguards available at all times for small children who might be playing closer to shore than they should be.

14. Do a Craft

What’s a better activity to do in your tent than doing some craft! Take your art kit with you to do art at night. Knit a new shirt or paint a picture. Be very creative with whatever you choose to do. Consider crafting using flowers, leaves pebbles from the surroundings.

15. family dance party

Dance around the bonfire with your friends and family. Put on some upbeat music to create an amazing dance party! Spice things up by doing a few moves of your own, play whatever songs you know that everyone will enjoy, turn on flashlights for dramatic effect; it’ll be one unforgettable moment at camp!

16. Have some marshmallows

Try the amazing s’mores delight; the famous camping delight loved by everyone. Roast some marshmallows and place them in the graham crackers along with some chocolate. Enjoy the melt-in-mouth dessert.

17. Hiking in the dark

Go hiking and for long trail walks. It’s incredible to have some time-out in the dark. Pick up your lanterns and flashlights and go on long walks. You will get to see some wild critters now and then roaming in the dark. Spend some quality time in the silence of nature.

18. Reading

Another great activity is to read a good book. Take some great books from your library and read them with friends or read them alone in the tent. It will be fun to turn off the lanterns and turn on the headlamps that everyone in the tent would wear. It will create a great environment in the tent. Go on an amazing journey through reading. It would also be a great activity to unwind crawling into your bed.

19. Games around the Fire

There is nothing better than playing games around the campfire. It’s great for kids who need to stay active and entertained! Some fun game ideas are Charades, Truth or Dare, Crazy Eights, Poker, and Rummy. The best part about these games? They don’t require any setup at all – so they’re perfect for a spontaneous evening with friends!

20. Release sky lanterns

Soar into the sky on a hot air balloon with friends and family. Sky lanterns are small, festive balloons that you can fly up in to celebrate life’s moments. They’re best used when glamping so there is plenty of room for them to float away without catching fires or getting tangled among trees! Remember: safety first, always keep track of where they go after lighting it off!

21. Sit Around the Campfire

Nothing is more calming than to sit and watch the roaming birds around the campfire. It also keeps you warm and cozy when it’s very cold out there. You can enjoy a good time staring and poking the campfire. (1)

22. Play shadow charades

When I was younger, my dad and his friends would often play a game of shadow charades when we’d go camping. It is always such an entertaining experience! In this particular game, one person holds the flashlight while another will use their hands to act out something: other people have to make guesses about that thing. This can be anything from guessing what song it is or who’s on TV; there are no rules as long as you’re creative with your hand motions—and don’t forget to include sound effects if necessary too!

23. Flashlight scavenger hunt

A flashlight scavenger hunt is a fun game to play on camping nights. One person hides the items and then you have to use your trusty flashlight, which will be provided, in order to find them! Clues are given so that it’s not too hard for you if they’re out of sight. Be sure everyone has their safety checked before going on this adventure-just don’t go far or get lost because there might be trouble waiting around every corner!

24. Go for a drive

If you are camping in a national park that is overfilled during the daytime, then nighttime driving will be your chance to enjoy some solitude and see what it feels like to drive at night when there’s no one around. The lights make things feel more surreal as we watch animals grazing under them- great for getting pictures!

25. Light fireworks

If you’re allowed to light up fireworks at your campsite, find some sparklers and other colorful things. Ensure safety measures and prevent fires from catching on with dry areas always in mind.

26. Visit your neighbors

A great activity would be to visit your neighbors. Talk to them and make new friends. Ask them their background and where they live. If your neighbors have kids, then ask your kids to play with them. It can become a great bonding activity for everyone.

27. Clean up the tent area

The last thing you want to do while camping is clean up your campsite, but it’s an essential part of the experience. Do yourself a favor and spend some time cleaning up before packing everything away for good.


Camping is an opportunity to bond with your family in a wonderful natural setting. It’s important that you enjoy the beauty of nighttime camping and take care of nearby campers, but also remember not to forget about keeping yourself safe!

For many, the memories they made during their first camping experience are some of their most cherished and indelible.

The above outlined 27 nighttime activities to help make your next trip to the campsite memorable (and keep you entertained!). If this sounds like fun, then pack up your gear and go enjoy nature! Which activities do you think would be best?