Can You Leave A Dog In An RV? Here’s The Answer

A family or a group of friends traveling together is fun. You have laughter and joy all around. And with your four-legged friend along, the fun just gets amplified.

According to studies, over 56% of campers feel hesitant about taking their canine along for camping. However, there remain some unanswered questions. The main question is – can I leave my dog in the RV?


They worry about their security and the inconvenience the dog might cause to other visitors. However, it’s not entirely true. Continue reading to know more about this.

Can you leave a dog in an RV?

The answer to the above question is yes; you can leave a dog in an RV. However, there are several factors you should consider before leaving your canine unattended in a completely new territory.

For example, make sure the campground hosts have special arrangements for pets, especially dogs, to keep them occupied. Furthermore, it would help if you did not leave the dog unattended for long. It can make your canine resort to uncontrollable barking thus, disturbing everyone around the RV.

Try to keep some soft toys, food, and windows open for ventilation. Besides, I have discussed some cool ways to keep your dog safe in the RV.

Is it safe to keep your dog in an RV?

Dogs find their stay safe and comfortable in an RV only for a short time. Nevertheless, some considerations are necessary to keep in mind.

Life in an RV is cozy, but it also has challenges pinned down for us and canines. To keep pets safe in this wheeled house, some of the points which are worth noting for you as owners are:

  • Heating and cooling issues
  • Malfunction of RV
  • Injury
  • Anxiety
  • Legality

If you have no option left but to keep your dog safe in the RV because the surroundings you are up to are not preferable, you have to level up your travel game.

Leveling up your game means creating a good, secure, and fun environment so that your fluff ball is out of anxiety when put in an RV.

It includes soft toys in your RV, plenty of food and water, informing the people in your vicinity about your absence, and a good playing session before leaving them. Install a travel-friendly camera inside the RV and connect it to your smartphone to remotely monitor your dog’s movements.

Ways to keep your pets safe in an RV while you are away

Traveling with your dog’s best friend is fun, but it also comes with responsibilities you can not sideline. Here, I will discuss some expert ways by which pet owners like you can keep your pets safe in an RV while not being around for some time.

Install a safety alarm in the RV

An alarm system acts as a game-changer if you can’t keep your pet with you every time and find leaving them in the RV as a last resort. You can install the alarm in your RV, and you will get immediate updates if anything messy happens with your lovely pet on your smartphone. You can also inform your fellow campers about the same.

Accordingly, you or anyone around the RV can act and avert any mishap. Taking precautions before anything happens should top your wishlist and is always a plus point.

Invest in an intelligent collar

An intelligent collar is another must-have accessory you should get right away for your pet. It works superbly to give you signals regarding your pet’s body temperatures on your smartphone.

Their well-being and stability matter the most, and an intelligent collar works precisely. You will get notified with a beep, and hence you can check on your dog even being away from it.

Put some soft toys around

Placing some excellent and soft toys in your RV is always beneficial to keep the pets occupied. It is, therefore, a considerate thing to swap any of the sharp, edgy things present in there with some soft stuff. These will come forward as a plus factor with which your pet can play around and stay distracted from your absence. Hence, stuff your RV up with safe objects like rubber balls, chew toys, etc.

Install temperature sensors

Fluctuation of temperatures and malfunction of RV is pretty standard. For the smooth functioning of your RV and your pet’s safety, it is advisable to install a temperature sensor. It will notify and give you an alert on your phone regarding the raising or lowering of temperature, and you can then take the necessary steps.

Keep a pet first-aid kit handy in the RV

If you have opted for a long journey to the countryside, you must take all the given precautions. The most important one is – always keep a first-aid kit handy inside your RV. It is for your as well as your pet’s health.

If any such situation or emergency arises, it will come in handy. Such circumstances arrive without due notice, and one should always prepare well.

Choose only comforting things

Stuff your pet’s most comforting things, such as their favorite soft-touch blanket, toy, or food in the RV. Besides, do not forget to put water in, looking at their thirst capacity. These will make them feel at home. As a result, they will stay calm and delightful throughout their lonely stay back in the RV. Pets experts and seasoned campers recommend this hack to instill good behavior and reduce anxiety among pets inside the RV.


Out of boredom, there are chances for your pet to feel anxious and start barking on every random passing object. To avoid such situations, train your pet accordingly to help them tackle boredom and anxiety on their own. The more they stay calm and playful around the RV, the more they will avoid barking, which has consequences. These include fines, cancellation of the stay, and others.

Try a microchip

You may not have heard about microchips for dogs, but they are ubiquitous. A microchip is a technology easily installed within your pet’s collar or harness. In the most rigid case possible, if you get separated from your furry friend in any manner, this microchip will help you to trace them. You barely even require a dog tag if you have a microchip intact, but still, people prefer it for their love, and it’s suitable only.

You will find a plethora of microchips in the market with different features and costs. However, you can go ahead with the basic one that can connect with your smartphone.


An unattended dog can lead to many things people generally try to avoid. They are humans’ best friends, and the attachment dog owners carry with them clearly shows that right amount of affection.

A pet’s safety should always be its top priority, especially if you are traveling for a long stretch with them. You have to look after the dog even while your besties have fun around the campsite.

If you need to leave your pet behind in the RV, you should prepare indoors to stay comfortable and secure. For this, I have mentioned the top ways you can try above.