Do Campground Hosts Get Paid? [ Here’s The Answer ]

Do you love spending time close to nature? Do you like to camp in RVs for long periods? If so, how would you react to doing these without breaking your bank and making a handsome amount?

Are you feeling amazed?

That’s what entails the job of campground hosts. A campground host is an individual who lives at the campground and spends the day assisting campers and monitoring the ground.

If you’re an adventure-loving person, the job of a campground host might fit you well. If you’re wondering about your paycheck and other benefits of the role, continue reading.

Do Campground Hosts Get Paid?

The campground host job is unique and might seem manageable. However, it comes with a range of responsibilities that might glue you to the campground for weeks or even months at times. If you wish to take up the role and wonder about the pay, it’s worth noting that not all campground host positions involve compensation.

On average, you can expect a payment of $500-$800 per month. However, some exceptions do exist. The amount may vary depending upon the on-site tasks and the duration of time worked in the month. The compensation also depends on the ownership type, i.e., public or private.

What Is The Job Of A Campground Host?

The primary job of a campground host translates to staying on your toes to greet the guests and help them with the registration process. In addition to these, several other tasks on the host’s to-do list make them the face of the campground.

Let’s see the job description of a campground host!

The day-to-day tasks of a campground host highly depend on two things – location and size.

Small to medium-size campgrounds usually have limited services and, thus, limited tasks. On the contrary, bigger campgrounds offer numerous services and comprise multiple day-to-day tasks for the host.

To begin with, the ground’s routine maintenance and housekeeping duties (such as cleaning) stay constant for every campground host.

If the campground is savvier and features a full-fledged restroom, the host has to look after it as well. Besides ensuring a steady water supply, it includes stocking the bathroom essentials such as toilet paper, towels, and soaps (if the campsite offers such commodities).

Apart from the above duties, a campground host is responsible for maintaining a positive environment around the site by keeping the surroundings clean and tidy.

It includes clearing off litter, trash cans, wrappers, and the likes. If the campground is pet-friendly, cleaning the pet litter also adds to the host’s to-do list.

The tasks list of a campground host doesn’t end here!

Campground hosts also need to inspect each camping site when its guests depart closely, and new visitors arrive. The primary purpose of the inspection is to check if:

  • There is any damage to the tent,
  • Water leakage,
  • Garbage collection issues,
  • Electricity issues, and so on.

If any issue comes to their sight, the campground host must get the things sorted, or if something is outside their duties, they must communicate to the management as quickly as possible.

If the campground offers other high-end facilities such as fishing, boating, wildlife tour (or safari), and similar leisure activities, the campground host might also have to tune in here.

To conclude, there is no end to what a campground host might have to handle on-site.

They must report to their duty on weekends, holidays, and peak camping seasons. Besides, there are no fixed timings for a campground host to stay on-site. Their working hours can range from a few hours to a full 24-hours.

What Are The Benefits For The Host?

If you are gaping about the benefits of becoming a campground host, there are plentiful benefits. To begin with, your dream of camping for as long as you wish without incurring many expenses gets fulfilled.

It is because you get a free campsite for the duration of your job. You, however, might have to bring your tent or an RV to stay if the campground has no such provisions at the place.

Most campgrounds also offer the host free utilities such as water and electricity. As a result, you can even access those off-limit areas for regular campers.

Not to forget that you get to team up with professional park rangers as a campground host to understand how parks or campgrounds work behind the curtains.

If it is your first time as a campground host, you will also receive professional training concerning the know-hows of camping and campgrounds to prepare you for the future.

Some private and lavish campgrounds also provide accessible utility vehicles to the hosts to venture across the ground.

If you love interacting with new people, the social factor of the campground host job is perhaps the most significant advantage.

Depending upon the campground’s popularity and annual footfall, you might meet people from around the world and learn a thing or two from them.

The list of benefits of becoming a campground host doesn’t end here.

Some reputed campgrounds in the United States also allow relatives, family, and friends of the campground hosts at absolutely no cost every year. Isn’t this amusing?

So, what’s stopping you from getting closer to lakes, mountains, forests, and wildlife?


If you have ever dreamed of the outdoors as your office and a casual hike around a campsite as the day-to-day commute, congratulations, we have discovered the most suitable job for you.

The life of a campground host contains precisely what everyone, including you wishes for – zero rent, grand view, all-day camping, and much more.

However, it is worth noting that not all campgrounds pay monetary compensation.

Even if some do, you can expect anything between $500-$800 depending upon several factors such as location and popularity. Nonetheless, there are tons of other benefits of donning the jersey of a campground host, as discussed above.