Common Fleetwood Rv Slide Out Problem & Ways To Fix

A newer organization that has come into existence ever since Fleetwood Enterprises went out of business, Fleetwood RV has taken inspiration from the company’s history and managed to make this second endeavor a success. Mostly.

In this article, we discuss an issue that is liable to a problem in any RV- the slide out.

The slide-out is a cut-out portion attached to the main body that extends and retracts to amplify the living space available.

This feat of engineering is made possible by applying hydraulic, electrical, and manual mechanical systems.

Does Fleetwood RV have a slide-out problem?

The Fleetwood RV does have its fair share of slide-out problems, as does any ‘Class A RV’ manufacturer such as Coachman, Forest River, Jayco, etc.

Slide-outs first came into existence in RVs to add some much-needed extra space in the vehicle.

The concept, in itself, is clever. The slide-out is present at the sides of the structure and enables one to slide it in and out on need-based criteria.

The typical slide-out awning has a certain threshold of strength and durability, exceeding which it is liable to give out.

Fleetwood RV slide-out problems and how to fix them

The following list contains the most commonly occurring slide-out problems in a Fleetwood RV and bears remedial instructions.

Failure of the Slide out Switch

You might discover that the slide-out switch failing to work occurs more frequently than you might think. If your slide-out fails to move following a switch’s turn-on and you do not hear the motor running, check to see if the switch is functional.

In case of multiple slide-outs, check to see if the other switches are operational. If not, check for a common power issue.

Failure of the Electric Slideout Motor

The reason for a faulty slide out could also be because the electric slide out motor has failed to work.

If you have ascertained that this is indeed the cause, then check the wiring of the motor operating the slide out.

You might need to disconnect the wiring to calibrate it to a suitable voltage. If the multimeter shows that the motor is getting power, but there continues to be no movement, then the motor needs to be serviced or replaced.

Failure of the Slide-out Hydraulic Pump/Motor

If your slide-out operates by a hydraulic pump, then issues with the motor need to be inspected in a timely fashion.

The procedure for inspection is much the same as with an electric slide-out motor.

Check the wiring first, and disconnect it to check if the motor receives a suitable voltage supply.

If the voltage supply is adequate, but the slide-out proves dysfunctional, the issue might lie with the motor. If the motor, too, works just fine- there might be an undiscovered hydraulic leak.

Hydraulic leak

Hydraulic leaks are pretty common in hydraulically operated motors, and fortunately, easy to fix.

Remember, it is best to work with a fluid reservoir that has enough supply.

Sometimes a slide-out will not work if the fluid level in the reservoir is too low.

It is also possible that the hydraulic valve actuators have failed. In such an event, replacement/servicing needs to be a careful, precise operation.

A Jammed Slide

Several reasons can cause jammed slides- improper upkeep, rust as a result of moisture, rust as a result of age, disuse, etc.

Lubrication is your best friend here. Keeping the slide-out lubricated adequately even when not used actively is a wise choice. As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure.

Improper Opening/Closing of the Slide

Slide-outs have in-built mechanisms that facilitate a complete opening/closing of the contraption. An incomplete opening/closing of the slide results from one or more electric controllers losing their programming – you can rectify it by servicing and replacing it.

How do I reset my Fleetwood RV slide out?

Resetting a slide-out is quite simple but varies with different brands and models.

In the case of a Fleetwood RV, consult the owner’s manual for a detailed insight into how to proceed.

The first step is to determine the kind of slide mechanism you are dealing with here.

Locate where the slide controllers are to gain access to the wiring to perform the reset. In case of further doubts, the internet is always there to help.

Why won’t my Fleetwood RV slide go out?

There could be a host of different reasons as to why a Fleetwood RV slide will not go out.

It could be a motor failure, a malfunctioning switch, or a problem with the slide mechanism. Take some time out to figure out the root cause and the appropriate line of remedial action.

Additionally, a drivable RV automatically prevents a slide-out when the engine is running due to ignition interlocks.

What to do if my Fleetwood RV slide is not working?

As previous paragraphs explained, there are many ways to fix a malfunctioning Fleetwood RV slide out.

Motor problems, a jammed slide, a faulty switch- these are some of the common issues that can impede a faultless slide out. Once you discover the primary reason, it is easy to chart out a course of action.

Additionally, keep in mind that upkeep and maintenance are imperative, as is careful handling. Excess use of force can cause irreparable damage.

Can you manually close a Fleetwood RV slide out?

The manual closing of a slide is usually considered a last resort. There are different procedures for different types of slides.

Most mechanisms require a portable drill for the process, although you can do it by hand.

The exception to this is when the slides in question are hefty structures and require powerful motors.


The Fleetwood RV, as you can presumably tell, has its fair share of slide-out problems.

The good news is that the article informs one of the possible problems and how to troubleshoot them. A little research goes a long way, especially when trying to acquaint oneself with the functioning of an RV.

In conclusion, slide-out problems do occur frequently but are just as commonly fixed!