How Much Can You Bend an RV Mattress? Here’s The Answer

Mattresses play a vital role in ensuring a good night’s sleep. Just like the engine is for your RV, a good mattress accounts for your sleep quality.

Because you will need a good night’s sleep to make the best out of your vacation. RV mattress is different from the normal mattress in terms of its weight and size. The mattresses are smaller than the normal ones to save space in an RV.

Even though they are smaller than normal mattresses, we might need to bend it to get it inside an RV. So we should know if they are bendable or not. That being said, let’s get into the details.

How much can you bend an RV mattress?

This depends on the type of mattress that you use.  As you would know, RV mattresses come in different materials including innerspring, latex foam, memory foam, latex, etc.

The innerspring mattress has a steel coil support system with border roads so if you bend it, it will cause damage to the mattress. So, it is advisable not to bend or fold RV mattresses.

On the other hand, foam and latex mattresses are pliable and less prone to wears and tears while bending.

You can bend it without fear, but do not overdo it. Because it will damage the foam near the fold lines. Also, if the layers inside the foam mattress are not glued together, there is a chance that it will get displaced.

Thus, an ideal mattress is one that bends and molds easily. Most of the RVs come with built-in mattresses, you can easily customize it according to your needs using mattress toppers and protectors instead of moving it around.

To sum up, do not bend a coiled mattress. You can bend mattresses made of foam and latex with care. Generally, you can bend RV mattresses up to 20 degrees.

Should you really bend the RV mattress?

Bending RV mattresses is not really a good idea because it will cause a lot of damage to your mattress, if not handled properly.

But there are unavoidable occasions you might need to bend it, like moving it inside an RV or taking it out, but before doing it straight away, do some research about the nature of your mattress.

That is, you should know the material, its inner constitution, its strong and weak points including if its box-spring or not.

If the mattresses have steel coils and border rods it is ideal not to bend them.

Coiled or spring mattresses are more prone to bend damages because of the coils present in it. If you bend it extremely, it will not fit right in the box-spring again.

If they are individually encased coils, wrapped in fabric, it offers better protection against bend damage.
If your mattress is multi-layered and if the layers are not glued together, even a small bend can alter it and ruin the foam encasement.

According to this information, you can try to bend or flex it without causing any damage. If you cause any damage generally your mattress warranty won’t cover for damage from your side. That makes it irreplaceable.

Will bending RV mattress void its warranty?

This would totally depend on the mattress you buy and the warranty issued by its manufacturers.

But in general, no mattress manufacturers will cover the damage caused by mishandling or any damage incurred from our end.

And this might even void the warranty i.e., the would no longer honor the warranty. So, know the rules first.

Damaging the mattress by extremely bending or folding or abusing it in your hands, structural damage from using an improper frame would void the warranty.

In the warranty card, it would be mentioned whether it would cover the damage. But most importantly, they won’t cover for the damage caused by misuse or abuse by us.

Some mattresses even offer warranty up to 10 years, so if you take good care your mattress will last longer. So, be careful while handling it.

If there is any manufacturing defect or structural flaws it is replaceable but not if you mishandle and wreck it.

If you are bending a steel coiled mattress, this will damage the border rods and wires and leave it unusable. With no doubt, this would void the mattress warranty. So, do not bend a mattress with border rods.

So, go through the user manual carefully and read the details about the warranty and take care of it accordingly. Or you would be left with a void warranty and a broken mattress.

Tips to keep in mind before bending an RV mattress

  1. Choose a good mattress that is flexible and lightweight. This will allow you to bend it without any trouble.
  2. Hire some good hands to help you, if you want to slide your mattress inside an RV without damaging it,
  3. Do not remove the package before taking the mattress inside. This will allow you to keep your bed more intact.
  4. As mentioned before a thin and pliable mattress make the job easier for you. Memory foam, solid latex mattresses are more ideal to use because they are flexible, and they do not have border rods that will break. Hold it vertical or upward with more pressure on its side than the center portion.
  5. Do not bend excessively, let it be any mattress. Even if there is so sudden damage it might lessen the life of your mattress.
  6. If you are planning to store it. Store it flat on a plain surface instead of curling it.


Now that you know how dangerous is it to bend a mattress, you should be very careful while doing it. Do not allow the rods or coil to break due to rough handling and damage it.

You can also try using bed kits which enables manual assembling thereby making your job easy.