How Much Water Does An RV Toilet Use Per Flush?

For getting the best experience out of RV camping, you need your comfy spots right inside your trailer. And at the top of the list comes a good, clean toilet. Answering nature’s call shouldn’t be a nightmare anymore.

If you are a person who is not comfortable taking leaks in the midst of a random forest, a toilet that fits in your rig is a necessity.

Considering that there are many viable options, you can fix a toilet inside your RV without burning a hole in your budget.

There are different types of RV toilets like portable, compo-stable, vacuum, etc. It differs in size, shape, and substrate based on the space and luxury you have inside your rig.

Before installing a toilet you need to know its water consumption, right. So, let’s start by answering our prime question, how much water does an RV use per flush.

How Much Water Does An Rv Toilet Use Per Flush?

Ranging from liquid to dry, manual to electrical RV toilets come in all types and sizes.

Gravity flush toilets are one of the most commonly used toilets and it takes around two quarts or half a gallon of water for a single flush. It takes a little amount of water compared to your house toilets.

Anyway, this number might vary depending on the type and size of your toilet. Some toilets use just one quart per flush.

There are other alternatives that use less or even no amount of water for flushing. For example, vacuum or macerator and compostable toilets.

Vacuum toilets use very little water because it uses vacuum power to pull the waste through a flexible tube. It is then sent to a holding tank away from the bowl.

It will save you a huge amount of fresh water from being wasted for flushing. If your toilet has a foot pedal operated toilet, it draws a lesser amount of water when compared to electric flushes.

Low-flow flushing toilets are also available in markets. It will come handy when you are boondocking.

Anyway, do a bit of research. You will be able to find lot many types of RV toilets that are affordable and water-conserving.

7 Amazing Tips To Use Rv Toilets

As much as you love having a built-in toilet in your RV, to keep it clean and odorless you need to keep in my mind a few things. You can install a toilet based on your space limitations and comfort level but you need to maintain it well. So here are some valuable tips to use RV toilets effectively.

1. Install eco-friendly compostable toilets

Who would hate to be an environment-friendly citizen?

Compostable toilets are here to save your day. Their perks run long from not using water or a black tank, effectively composting solid waste on its own and keeping your rig non-smelly all day long.

It separates solid and liquid waste on its own and composts the solid matter. It is a little expensive than other toilets, but it is definitely worth the money.

2. Use gray water for flushing

Well, if you plan on using fresh water all the time for flushing, it won’t work well, especially when you are out there in a remote place where you can’t fill your tank.

So, to be more water-efficient you can switch to using gray water for flushing. Thereby, you will reduce the wastage of fresh water.

For this, you can use used water from the kitchen. For example, leftover water from washing vegetables, excess runoff from the shower, etc.

A gray water recycling system installed in your RV will ensure that it is filtered before used for flushing your toilet.

3. Use a slow-close toilet lid

This might sound insignificant, but if you don’t want stray banging lids in your RV this is a pro-tip. The sound of the rapid banging of the lid against the bowl could be annoying. To avoid this try using slow-close lid toilets.

4. Empty your black tank on time

A full, leaking black tank will ruin your day with the wafting odor and drippy water.

So, when you enter a campsite read the rules, follow the instructions carefully, and dump your tank contents hygienically. Use protective gloves and masks while doing so.

5. Use campsite toilets whenever possible

When you plan a stay at a campsite use toilets that are available there. This way you can escape from more frequent black tank clearings.

It is a good option to use campsite toilets because it will work like magic just like your house toilets, And you don’t have to worry about the tiring task of dumping the waste.

6. Use waste odor neutralizer or bleach to get rid of the smell

You won’t love a smelly RV, do you? So ensure that you clean and sanitize it often. There are a lot of odor control chemicals available in the market.

Waste odor neutralizer will digest waste materials and eliminate the foul odor in a short period.

If you are using it you can avoid flushing urine because it will effectively digest the liquid waste.

Compared to plastic bowls, ceramic ones are easier to clean. But they come at a higher price point. So, buy according to your budget.

7. Do not flush toilet paper in an RV toilet

A clogged toilet sound similar to an exhausting task. Don’t you think? So, to prevent toilet clogging, don’t put used toilet paper in it. When you flush it down the bowl, it will form a solid mass with the waste and create problems later on.

You might think it is the easiest way to dispose of, but it is not. Toss it in a trash can instead.


Now that you know about the amazing benefits of having a toilet inside your RV, your camping trips could get even better.

There are also many viable options like using a road-side restroom or a community toilet along the way.

But what would give you the satisfaction of having one in your rig?

So, go ahead and have great camping.