How To Charge Phone While Camping? 5 Unique Ways

Stop the stress of recharging phones and try these crazy methods while camping!

Camping is one of the best ways to spend time with your friends and family. You’ll be able to reconnect, enjoy nature, and make memories that will last a lifetime. One of the most important things you need when camping is your phone.

This article provides helpful tips on how to charge your phone while camping, so you don’t have any worries about not being in contact with anyone back home!

From using solar energy to utilizing your camping stoves to make electric power, you can apply any method suitable to keep your phone’s battery excited all the time.

Five Unique methods to recharge your mobile while camping:

Several methods enable you to recharge your phone even in a place like a backcountry. The portable power banks are convenient and can even charge laptops and mini-fridges.

The high-energy portable power stations are of great use in camping if you have other appliances with you.

Another free and unlimited charging source is that of solar panels. Nowadays, power banks along with solar panels are available. You will not need to buy them one by one.

Another easy way is to charge through your car’s battery. It is a good option for car campers.

We have gathered some awesome ways to retain the battery in your phone all the time while camping.

  1. USB portable battery banks
  2. portable solar panels.
  3. hand-crank chargers
  4. use your camping stove
  5. use your car

USB portable battery banks

Portable battery banks are being used in campsites to charge small-sized devices. They come in various varieties and can make the battery life of your phone long-lasting.

It is recommended to invest your money in a reliable brand like Anker and get a good deal of battery power for your smartphone.

Especially, backpackers can benefit from such lightweight power banks because of their ease of carrying. If you have large appliances with you, then high-charge power stations will best suit you.

Portable Solar Panels

An effective charging source, solar panels, can provide 25 watts of charge. Even Backpackers and hikers can hang solar devices on their luggage and leave their phones in charging mode.

But it can affect the intensity with which the phone is charging, so the device should be placed to face the sun directly.

A disadvantage of solar energy is that it is not reliable because you might not charge your devices on a cloudy day. If you are camping in a place where weather conditions are always drifting, consider other ways to charge your device.

Hand-Crank Chargers

Kinetic energy is used in hand crank chargers to make electrical energy for charging. It is particularly used when you are very distant from a power plug.

They come with USB ports that are easy to use and very convenient.

You can make an urgent call using these crank chargers. They provide an instant recharge to your phone. What you need to do is to crank its lever for 5 minutes and then you see the magic. They have some other useful features like a flashlight or a lamp.

Use your Camp Stove

Who knew that one day he will be charging his phone through a camping stove! The Biolite Camp Stove produces 3 watts (5 volts) of power and has a USB port.

The extra heat energy is converted into electrical energy that charges your mobile phones and can turbocharge the stove.

The additional energy is stored in a battery and can be used to run fans or increase the stove’s intensity. Biomass is used as fuel in it. Another helpful piece of equipment is the Biolite Basecamp Stove 2, which uses wood as a fuel source.

use your car

If you are car camping, then you can charge your phone using your car’s USB port. This is a great option chosen by campers in a campsite with no RV hookups.

Remember not to use up all your car’s battery so that you may not get stuck at the campsite. The car USB provides 12 v of energy for your phones.

You will need to buy an inexpensive USB port of 12 v that you will be using to charge your mobile from your car’s battery. The car chargers with AC outlets are a fast energy source and can also recharge your battery packs.

How can I charge my phone while camping with no electricity?

While camping, when you have no electricity to plug your phone in, you can opt for some alternatives to charge your phone and keep the fun going. Many ways enable you to keep your phone’s battery charged up in the wilderness. Read Below!

Pedal Powered Generators

An old-fashioned source of charging is the same as the hand-crank chargers. They are a bit more costly than the hand-crank chargers but supply more volts of electricity.

Gas generators

One of the best ways to recharge at a campsite is by using generators. These machines are quieter than other sources and offer more power, but it can be difficult not to turn them on during quiet hours because they produce noise pollution.

Multi-use chargers

Multi-use chargers are dual-purpose devices such as flashlights, lamps, and speakers. They are convenient for backpacking.

They have a built-in USB option for plugging cables. But these devices take up a lot of power to be charged with an inexpensive energy source such as a hand-crank charger and solar panels.

7 Pro Hacks to Conserve Your Phone’s Battery.

Limit Your Phone Usage

The first and most important thing is remembering that it is not right to use your phone when you are out with your peeps. You should be enjoying the camping itself, not busy scrolling social media.

It would be well and good if you limit your mobile phone usage and conserve the battery and save to use later. Keep in mind that you will not require much phone usage, so it’s better to turn it off to save power.

Put your phone in power-saving mode

Another hack is to put your mobile in a power-saving mode. It will utilize less power than it usually does. It is a great feature in the latest phones that keep the phone battery last for a longer time. The apps are paused for that period, and it saves a lot of your phone’s battery.

Lower your screen brightness

Just lower your screen’s brightness to a minimum and see how great its power consumption is reduced. This is a great feature in the latest devices such as PCs, laptops, and tablets.

Update your apps

Another tip to try is to update your phone before leaving home.

Because when the updating process will occur during camping, it will take loads of your battery and you will immediately run out of power within a short time. Finish your updates before time and then you will see how great it adds up to your phone’s battery.

Turn off notifications

You will be busy with other activities and there would not be much time to spend on the phone. So it would be better to turn the notification icons.

It will reduce that irritating noise and will allow you to enjoy beautiful nature. This little effort would pay you a lot in the upcoming time by extending your phone’s battery life.

Text instead of making calls

Another pro tip is to do text messages instead of making a call. The messaging feature takes a little less battery than the calling one. This will also save your device’s battery.

Turn off connectivity feature

The connectivity features like wifi, GPS or navigation, and mobile data in your cell phone all use a lot of power. If you’re going to need these services on the go, make sure that you turn off their settings after using them, so they don’t continuously drain your battery life!


We are all well aware of the importance of a charged cell phone while camping. Without one, it would be nearly impossible to communicate with loved ones or call for help in an emergency.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have some better suggestions, please do leave a comment below.