How To Increase Space In A Pop Up Camper? Our Top Tips

Pop-up campers are like Recreational Vehicles, except they are foldable, so reasonably easy to carry. They have a partial canvas construction, which makes them collapsible into a much smaller portable package that is easy to transfer.

They are a more compact alternative to motorhomes and larger RVs. It has a foldable roof and sides, so an SUV very easily hauls it.

Ways To Increase Space In A Pop-up Camper

A pop-up camper is very efficient on the vehicle that carries it, but it lacks some areas. When you pop down the camper, there is very little storage space available inside it.

The roof and sides collapse, so the only space available is a little bit on the floor and the built-in cabinets.

Since the space inside the pop-up camper is a bit of a concern, we need to try our best to maximize it. Here are some of how you can efficiently utilize the space inside a pop-up camper:

1. Use storage containers

Storage containers act as saviors when you want to utilize a limited amount of space efficiently. They help you organize your stuff inside them properly and store them in very little space.

You can stack several containers together close to each other, saving a lot of space. These containers also help preserve the products kept inside them and are easily pushed under the bed to save up space.

You can also label them according to the things you kept inside them. It saves up valuable time when you need to find something urgently. Also, keeping your stuff inside the containers makes it easy to load and unload the camper.

2. Discard the useless items

We have a habit of buying any new stuff that we see might look good in the camper or might help while camping.

It eventually leads to the piling up of too many things inside the camper, which ultimately reduces its aesthetic value.

Make a habit of discarding the old or useless items each time you bring a new one inside the camper. (Law of conservation of mass: The number of items inside a camper remains the same at any instant of time!)

3. Use drawer space effectively

For utilizing the drawers effectively, you can use divider organizers inside them. Instead of just randomly tossing stuff inside the drawer to make the place look tidy (like we do in our houses, only instead of the house we use The Chair!), make partitions inside the drawer for different items.

This way, the space inside is efficiently utilized without causing clutter, and it also saves time because we can quickly locate the things inside the drawers.

Also, you can use plastic drawers if you need extra space. The plastic drawers can be placed on the countertops and below the beds.

These drawers can be used to store and organize clothes, utensils, cleaning supplies, toys, and other similar products.

4. Utilize wall space

If there is not enough floor space in your camper, you should efficiently utilize the vertical space or the walls.

Most of the time, we ignore the walls that can store several items. You can use hanging baskets, hooks, shelves, or magnetic strips to utilize the space on the wall.

It would help if you utilized whatever wall space you have by using it to store clothes, fruits, and several other small items to free up space on the floor and inside the cabinets.

5. Hang items on ropes and rods

You can use rods or ropes for hanging some of the items outside the camper. It will save up a lot of space inside. You can hang towels and some laundry outside easily.

You can also use hangers in showers to utilize the shower space efficiently. It will clear up the shower area and utilize the vertical space inside the bathroom.

6. Organize storage under the bed

In most RVs, there is plenty of storage space available below the bed. If not, you can customize your bed to increase the storage space.

However, a ton of space is still not enough if not utilized properly.

You can use totes and dividers for the proper utilization of the available space. You can use the space under the bed for blankets, pillows, and several other items.

7. Please make a list of everything you need in the camper

This might seem a cumbersome task to do at first, but it goes a long way in saving up space inside a pop-up camper.

Make sure you only list the things you most definitely need while going camping.

For example, all the passengers need separate toothbrushes, but they do not need separate phone chargers or speakers.

Making a list ensures you do not forget to pack some essential things you might need during camping (Like toilet paper!).

8. Pack lightly

This is just an extension of the above point. If you cannot leave behind the camping gear and the necessary things you need for camping, you can be conservative on style.

You do not need matching shoes for every outfit if you are going to enjoy the great outdoors. Packing less is a great way to save up space.

9. Foldable trash cans

Garbage disposal is a crucial step in space management, especially inside a pop-up camper. Garbage takes up a lot of space for something that is not even useful.

A foldable trash can or bag saves up a lot of space when emptied and also when it is complete. It provides us with extra storage space in the long run.

You can also hang a garbage bag outside the camper by using a hanger or a hook. It is an excellent way of keeping the garbage outside and saving space inside.

10. Use vertical organizers

Vertical organizers save up a lot of the floor area by storing stuff vertically.

You can use a hanging organizer to store fruits, vegetables, clothes, phones, or water bottles inside its pockets. You can use it near a bedside in place of a nightstand. It saves up a lot of space inside an RV.

11. Have a separate dish drying rack

Having a dedicated dish drying rack ensures that you organize the dishes in their place after being washed in the sink. Place the rack near the sink to avoid a wet floor.

12. Plan your storage properly

Having a fixed place for all the items makes sure there is no clutter and saves time when you need them. Please do not leave the items lying around after you finish using them.

It increases the pile-up and makes loading and unloading of the camper difficult. Also, over time the clutter takes up the majority of the floor space inside the vehicle.

13. Use a toothbrush holder

Using a toothbrush holder ensures a fixed space to keep the toothbrush after using it. Keeping everything in place inside the bathroom ensures enough space for camping gear as well.

14. Use smaller equipment

There is some necessary equipment that you cannot ditch while camping. But you can use the smaller versions, so they take up less space.

These include microwave, cooking supplies, blender, coffee maker, or other similar devices.

Sometimes we bring the appliances we use at home, but these are not suitable for a pop-up camper as they are somewhat cramped. So, you might want to buy some new appliances for camping purposes.

15. Use everything collapsible

All the storage containers that you use to store items inside of should be collapsible if possible.

You can use bins that go on top of each other when not in use. If you have a dog, you can consider getting a collapsible water bowl and dog gate.

16. Use baskets and hammocks

Using baskets to store fruits and vegetables is an excellent way of decorating and organizing the pop-up camper’s space.

Using open weave hammocks reduces the spoiling of fruits and ensures long-term freshness. And we can hang them on the ceiling, ultimately saving a ton of space.

17. Use hooks

Using adhesive hooks is a great way to utilize the trailer’s precious floor space. Place adhesive hooks near the sink and in the bathroom. You can hang towels, clothes, and whatever you can to save up space.

18. Hang a storage bag wall

These are like stacks of bags that you can hang on a wall. They have a lot of storage space available to store various items, thus freeing up space on the floor.

You can use it to keep shoes, flashlights, phones, chargers, napkins, etc. You might want to buy the proper size according to the height of your camper. Otherwise, it might drag on the floor.

19. Utilize space using caddies

You can place caddies around your bed to create ample storage space. You can use the caddies beside your bed to store the things you frequently need like a sleeping mask, books, mobile phones, etc.

You can also use waterproof caddies inside the bathroom to store shampoo bottles, toothpaste, soaps, etc. You can carry the caddie anywhere you want if there is no bathroom inside your trailer.

You can also hang caddies inside closet doors to provide additional space for hanging belts, purses, scarves, and other similar things. It increases the closet space. Caddies are a great way to organize our things neat and tidy as we can keep similar items together and find them easily whenever we need them.

20. Use reusable items

You can use magazine and shoe racks to hold several things aside from magazines and shoe racks. You can use these to store chargers, napkins, flashlights, etc.

You can store rolled-up towels, socks, clothing items, etc., on the shoe rack. You can stack several items on top of one another if you are using a rack.

Another example is paper towels. You can use these to hold garbage bags or plastic wraps (apart from paper towels).

Take items that can be reused instead of the use and throw items. It is because they take up a lot of space for being useful only once.

21. Organize your tools and supplies

If you are going camping, you need all your gear necessarily, and they take up a lot of space. Organizing them is also helpful when you need them, and do not waste time looking for them because everything is where it should be.

Keep supplies like bolts, screws, and adhesives close by because you may frequently need them. Do not just scatter them in different drawers as this takes up a lot of space and is not efficient.

Please keep them in a single toolbox and store them someplace appropriate. It is safer to have children with you as they won’t accidentally get their hands on some tool.

You can buy a small toolkit that contains all the items that you need. It is an essential requirement if you own an RV and are going camping. It will help if you prepare well for all the scenarios.


A pop-up camper is an excellent purchase if you are a camping enthusiast or enjoy going on vacations with family and friends every once in a while.

However, with extraordinary privileges, there come some minor problems. In this case, the problem of spaciousness.

If you are going camping, you cannot pack like if you were staying at a hotel with ample closets. You have to be conservative with the things you carry. Give priority to necessities rather than luxuries.

Follow the steps discussed above to utilize the limited space available inside the trailer efficiently. There is no reason for you to give up on taking your entire family to vacation in a pop-up camper.

If you utilize the space efficiently by taking the points given above into consideration, there is no reason the pop-up camper will be more than sufficient for your family.

Spending time outdoors will be some of the best memories you make. Have fun camping. (And remember to pack light!)