How Wide Is An RV Door? Here’s The Answer

If you are looking forward to buying an RV or someone who already owns an RV and is planning to revamp it, you will probably have a few features in mind that you would like to incorporate. But one of the important features that might not grab your attention is the RV door. Having a properly working RV door that also fits the size of your RV is a must. Let us look into how wide an RV door should be to ensure comfortable entry and exit.

How Wide Is An RV Door?

An RV door comes in various sizes, depending on the size and the type of trailer. Bigger RVs have wider doors, while smaller ones have relatively narrow doors. The average width of an RV door is usually around 26 inches.

What Size Are RV Doors?

The size of an RV door greatly depends on the type of RV. In the case of a Class A RV, the doors are taller and wider in dimension. Whereas, for smaller campers, the doors are smaller in height and width.

RV doors are usually around 72 inches tall, and their width varies between 14-70 inches.

How Wide Are RV Entry Doors?

RVs have two different kinds of doors. They are the front and access doors (or the entry doors). The width of an RV’s entry door is generally about 26 inches, and for very large trailers, the width of the entry doors can be as big as 70 inches. The front doors, on the other hand, are narrower. They are generally around 14 inches wide.

How Do You Measure a Travel Trailer Door?

If you already own a trailer and are planning to replace it, you need to have an accurate knowledge of the dimensions of your trailer door. It is very common to error while measuring a travel trailer door.

In cases of incorrect measurement of your present trailer door before buying a new one, the chances of getting a door that is either larger or smaller than the frame of your RV door becomes high.

To get the measurements of your RV door correctly, you must first detach it from the frame. On removing the door from the trailer, grab hold of a measuring tape and use it to obtain the width, height, and depth of the trailer door.

Make sure you do not consider the door frame while obtaining the dimensions of the door. Keep these simple steps in mind while taking the measurements to avoid a purchasing error.

If you are planning to buy a new RV or you want to customize or change the doors of your existing RV, you need to have sound knowledge about the dimensions of the doors.

Keep in mind the regular average size of RV doors but do not forget to measure them properly. And do not shy away from seeking professional guidance while going through the process of installing doors in your trailer.


You might be someone who wants to customize the look of your RV, or your RV door has undergone some damage.

You might also be someone who is planning to buy a new RV. Whichever might be the case, having a fair idea about the various features of an RV beforehand will only do you good.

This article contains relevant information that you need to know about RV doors and will surely guide you to take the proper steps before getting a new door installed in your trailer.