Pet Friendly Travel Trailers : Our Best Pick For 2022

Are you someone who has a zeal for travel and is always on the go? If so, travel trailers are the best thing you can get. Guess what?

If your pets often accompany you on travel or even RVing, ample pet-friendly travel trailers are available. And I am sure you might have come across one of such trailers attached to a car or a tow car somewhere and wished to have one someday.

Today, I will take you through a rundown of my top eight pet-friendly travel trailers available in the market. These are economical, spacious, and suitable for both humans and your four-legged friends.

Top Eight pet-friendly travel trailers

Below are the top eight recommendations to perfectly settle your pets away from home amidst a strange territory.

  1. Keystone Outback Travel Trailer
  2. Highland Ridge RV Silverstar limited Fifth Wheel SF335MBH
  3. Thor A.C.E. 32.3
  4. Happier Camper HC1 Travel Trailer
  5. Fleetwood Flair 34J
  6. Cherokee Alpha Wolf Travel Trailer 26RB-L
  7. Newmar Canyon Star 3927
  8. Coachmen Cross Trek

Let’s discuss each of the above trailers in detail below.

Keystone Outback Travel Trailer

When your pets accompany you on travel, you need a bigger space to accommodate their needs. These include toys, treats, mattresses, food, and the like. If trailer models you have evaluated lack sufficient space, this Keystone Outback travel trailer is the solution.

It features everything you and your pets would need to enjoy the trip. Let us start with the enormous enough kitchen to cook for the entire crew and pets. It houses a sufficiently deep basin with a high-rise faucet. You get a pull-out sprayer and 3″ drains to ease your efforts.

There is also a three-burner gas stove, easy-to-use microwave, and a refrigerator. There is an outdoor kitchen as well.

Did I forget about the queen-size bed and kennel storage underneath it? The main reason behind the kennel placement is to keep your pet safe and secure. Most importantly, around you!

Highland Ridge RV Silverstar limited Fifth Wheel SF335MBH.

Another classy pet-friendly R.V. trailer is the Highland Ridge RV Silverstar Limited Fifth Wheel SF335MBH, especially for hard-to-handle dogs and cats. If one specific aspect of the trailer separates it from other models, it is the all-vinyl flooring interiors. It makes it utterly comfortable for pets to stay relaxed away from home.

If you just had a long training session with your pet and now feel tired thinking about their cleaning, do not worry. The trailer includes two outdoor faucets for warm and cold water for the tidy cleaning of your pet.

The length of the trailer is approximately 37.3 feet, and that’s sufficient for eight people.

Another critical benefit of investing in the Highland Silverstar trailer is the MyPillow brand dog bed for an ultimate sleeping experience for your dog.

Thor A.C.E. 32.3

Though Thor is a popular trailer and motor coach brand with numerous models, the brand regards the A.C.E. 32.3 as the most pet-friendly. Why?

The A.C.E. 32.3 is an ideal purchase if your first time RVing with your pet. The trailer houses the fuel-efficient Class 3 chassis and Class A body and interiors.

There is a separate window for your pet to watch the beautiful nature and wildlife securely. Furthermore, the co-pilot’s footwell has sufficient space to place a medium-size dog bed without interrupting the co-pilot.

Time to feed your pet? Just pull out the kibble station drawer of two FDA-approved water and food bowls.

The total length of all-season Thor A.C.E. 32.3 is 33.5 feet and is suitable for up to six travelers and your pets.

Happier Camper HC1 Travel Trailer

Is it only you and your furry friend on the trip this time? If so, check out the ultra-lightweight Happier Camper HC1 travel trailer that weighs just 1,100 pounds (dry weight). It is so light that even a small S.U.V. like the Ford Escape can pull it. Furthermore, setting up the trailer’s interior is straightforward using your creativity and user manual.

The company has installed water-safe fiberglass throughout the camper van that does not absorb stains or odors of your pets. Your pet will not find issues jumping in and out of the trailer due to its low-profile design.

There is not enough space for a queen-size or master bed as a small camper. Instead, the company has provided Legos-like cubes. You can use these cubes or various combinations for different purposes. For example, sleeping, playing, sitting, and so on.

The total length of the motorcoach is nearly 13 feet.

Fleetwood Flair 34J

Do you own a hard-to-handle medium to large-sized dog? If so, you can not miss out on the Fleetwood Flair 34J – a multi-dog motorhome. It is a Class A entry-level travel trailer with enormous living space for a long trip.

Besides the sturdy construction, you get a ton of day-to-day amenities to make your stay away from home worthwhile. To begin with, you get a large jackknife sofa set and a 39-inch LED TV in the living room. You get both a bunk bed and a king-size bed to snuggle day in and day out comfortably.

There are multiple windows on every side of the camper van. Hence, you wake up to beautiful scenery every day.

Though the price is slightly higher at over $100,000, it is worth every penny. The trailer is 36 feet long and can accommodate up to 10 people.

Cherokee Alpha Wolf Travel Trailer 26RB-L

Have you heard about the tie-down feature in pet-based camper vans? The Cherokee’s Alpha Wolf series first introduced it in the industry. This feature proved a tremendous innovation since it allows pet owners to wander in the wild or around the campground without worrying about their pets running away.

The Leash Latch Pet Safety Technology is another technology used in this trailer. It connects to the Class C chassis of the van and gives the latch a stronghold even against the wildest dogs such as English Mastiff.

There is a master bed for you and a full-size sofa for your pet. If your dog does not like its sofa, there is enough space around the bed.

The interior is all vinyl for easy cleaning and superb comfort. The base price of the trailer starts from around $24,000 and is suitable for 5-6 travelers.

Newmar Canyon Star 3927

If you are willing to spend handsomely for a savvy pet-friendly travel trailer, look no further than the Newmar Canyon Star 3927. Here are the reasons for the same.

You get the industry-standard climate controls to monitor the indoor temperature if you are traveling with a range of electrical equipment such as your laptop, heater, cooler, or even refrigerator; multiple electrical outlets power each.

Camping in a biting cold? The Newmar Canyon Star 3927 will ensure you never run out of hot water, courtesy of its tankless water heater. Since you are shelling out a whopping amount of over $200,000, you get a massive 74-inches jackknife sofa.

The garage measures eight by 10 feet and comes with a compact washer and dryer for cleaning and drying your messy dog outside after a tiring training or play session in the wild.

Coachmen Cross Trek

The Coachmen Cross Trek is suitable for all pets and measures 25’1″ in length. Still, it is one of the most compact trailers in the line and thus falls in Class C trailers and not Class B.

Though the R.V. has only two rooms, it is because of the rear’s massive storage capacity for kennels, toys, and all other pet-related stuff. There is also an option for a small pet door to creatively utilize the ample living space inside the van.

The Coachmen Cross Trek costs around $90,000 and is a good deal considering its loadings.

However, there is no solar as a standard power option. Besides, there is no temperature control either.

So, these are the top eight pet-friendly travel trailers you can add to your wish list.

Can you put dogs in a travel trailer?

Yes, you can put dogs in a travel trailer. However, there are certain checkpoints. These include:

  • Make sure to keep your dog leashed outside. If not a leash, you can use the trailer’s built-in tie-down feature if there is one.
  • Keep the air conditioning unit and heater turned on before leaving your dog unattended.
  • Give your dog their space in a kennel or dog crate. While snuggling with it over the bed is good, experts do not recommend the same all day.
  • Do not forget to stuff the camper van with everything your dogs need. Whether it is the toys, treats favorite meal/water bowls, food, collar/harness, or other things.
  • Keep your dog clean.
  • Check the campground’s weather forecast for your stay. Keep a storm-resistant shelter handy in the trailer if it shows a storm.

Besides the above tips, you should also train your dog to be a nice neighbor while RVing.

Can you live in an R.V. with pets?

There is no reason why you should not live in an R.V. with pets. Instead, living with pets amplifies the fun and makes your camping trip more memorable. However, take note of the following suggestions while doing so.

  • Choose a pet-friendly place to travel, and the same goes for the R.V.
  • Assign a separate and comfortable place for your pets to sleep.
  • Pack plenty of food, treats and toys along.
  • Indulge in regular mental and physical exercise with your dog.
  • Plan ahead for any emergency like hailstorm, windstorm, rain, etc.


Traveling with pets, especially dogs, may appear daunting to you in the first place. However, it is not so if you prepare well. The most important thing you can not miss is the trailer. Always go for a pet-friendly trailer instead of your regular one.

Further, take note of the above suggestions to make your trip with pets a pleasant experience.