Rainy Day Camping Activities For Adults : 7 Creative Ideas

Don’t be bummed, if an unexpected shower is likely to ruin your fun holiday camping. Make your rainy camping days with your family and friends super fun and productive.

Here are some great rainy day camping activities for adults, to get through the bad weather. Who wouldn’t like to explore the young, creative side inside you?

Let’s see how to make camping fun, even when the wet weather strikes. Are you ready?

Fun rainy day camping activities for adults

1. Painting beautiful pictures

The sound of rain could really enhance the artist in you. If you love painting and sketching, always carry a sketchbook with you when you are out for camping.

You can paint immensely beautiful landscapes or rare animals out in the wilderness. The fresh air will burst out great ideas during a heavy downpour. If you don’t have a sketchbook don’t worry, you can find round stones or rock surfaces and paint on them.

2. Playing fun games

Playing quirky little games never grows old. It will keep you active and engaged throughout. It is also a great option to beat the odd weather and strengthen your bonds.

Carry a set of cool board games with you while camping.

Some popular board games are Catan, Speak out, Risk, Spontuneous, Scrabble, etc. Choose one that suits your spirit.

If you have never got a chance before to play board games, this could be a good start. Assemble your buddies, split into groups and start playing.

Apart from board games, you can also play other small games like Castle on the river Nile, Pictionary, Alphabet actors, etc to keep you entertained.

You can also add more fun and spirit, by giving good rewards or funny tasks for the winners and losers after the game.

3. Making an art journal

If you are a person who loves to keep your memories fresh and unique, you can try making a camping or travel journal.

You can decorate your journal with some unique objects you found while hiking or walking. This could be scraps of leaves, fallen flowers, fluffy feathers of birds, etc.

Use your creativity to enhance it. You can scribble down your thoughts and spice it up with some real-life mementos that would create everlasting memories.

4. Meditating in the fresh air

Do not underestimate the power of a short mindful meditation. It will relieve your anxieties and de-clutter your mind. You will feel a lot better after 15 minutes of meditation listening to the camping sound of the rain. Let your mind wander free in the cool breeze and refresh itself.

5. Reading a good book

Maybe this is your dream coming true, reading your favorite lines, totally immersed in the beauty of rain. Find a comfy spot inside your tent and start reading.

Trust me, it could be your best companion to get through the bad weather.

If you are unable to carry a hard copy with you, download soft copies in your Kindle or phone.

You can also read lines from chapters together in a group and enjoy it. You can also put up small shows by enacting the characters and recreating your favorite scenes.

6. Rain hiking

You can make the best out of your day by going for a rain hiking. But you need to be well – prepared and careful.

Open your eyes wide into nature, for a better chance of seeing animals out in a wild, or spotting a rainbow, listening to roaring rivers, the earthly smell of rain, etc. If you have a little adventurous heart, suit up and get fresh with nature in its full bloom.

[alert-announce]Note: Do not go out without wearing waterproof jackets and boots. Always carry good rain gear with you. Check the weather forecasts before stepping out in the rain, if there are warnings of lightning and thunderstorm, it is safer to stay inside.  Avoid slippery rocks, swollen creeks, and thereby trail hazard problems[/alert-announce]

7. Watching a good movie

Is there a movie that you wanted to watch for a long time? This could be your perfect timing.

When heavy rains are splattering outside, sit back, relax, and watch some feel-good movies together. You can laugh your heart out watching some light-hearted comedies.

If you can carry a portable camping projector, movie screen, and speakers with you, it would be perfect.

8. Singing rain songs together

Have fun together by singing your favorite songs in unison. You can also play it as a game, by picking a specific genre or letter or a singer.

You can also use karaoke to enhance your songs. If it’s a light drizzle, step out and dance with the music. It is a great way to get everyone involved and make them happy.

Once the heavy shower recedes, you can also go out for a small nature walk. Your senses will be heightened in the freshness of the wild.

9. Bird Watching

If you are a nature or bird enthusiast, carry a pair of good binoculars with you for bird-watching.

You might come across some glorious bird species, especially in deep woods. Try taking their pictures, finding their names and jotting it down. It will definitely make your day different and productive.

Every geographical region has its unique species, so do not miss a chance to spot one. You can also draw their pictures or collect vibrant colored feathers if possible.

Try to do a bit of research beforehand, so that you will get a rough idea about the birds peculiar to that region. Chances are high that you might find some rare birds too.

Learning about new things always make people happy, so give it a shot.

Wrapping Up

So, don’t let the gray skies to turn your fun holidays into a complete washout anymore. Using the above-mentioned activities as a charter, find out more fun activities and do it together.

Make up some fun games unique for your close circle of friends and family, it will be a lot more fun.

So, if you have any other interesting ideas, feel free to leave it in the comment section below. Happy Camping!