Small Campers With Slide Outs : Our Best Pick For 2022

While bigger campers are excellent, many people wish for smaller trailers. They want something to take on vacation with the family or simply because they want a much easier hauling experience since small trailers offer so many advantages over huge ones. Earlier, only large campers used to have slide-outs due to sufficient space availability against the smaller models.

Large parks with older facilities often have a twenty-six-foot restriction, and they won’t let you in if your camper is over twenty feet. Whatever the reasons are, you may need an even better reason before purchasing such a small trailer. Below are my handpicked small campers with slide-outs.

Small Campers With Slide Outs

With a large selection of small RVs with slides available today, you can take advantage of the convenience and keep your belongings safe while having ample room inside your chosen ride. I’ve looked through the latest offerings to find the most exciting, innovative, and usable small campers with slide-outs.

Here are some of our favorite picks.

Heartland Mallard M26

When it comes to a small travel trailer, many compromises happen. However, Hartland has managed to create a model like this M26 which works to resolve many of these issues.

Apart from some very subtle differences, this model is mainly traditional and features several similarities with most floor plans.


  • The front-facing queen bed and large slide that houses the dinette and sofa is high on our list (and which we feel many manufacturers overlook).
  • The wall that separates the front bedroom from the rest of the living space is thrilling, increasing privacy considerably.
  • The M26 is both stylish and spacious to accommodate a medium-sized family easily.
  • This low-profile camper will only draw attention to itself and what it has to offer because of how it moves through the air with style by not obstructing your view. The M26 uniquely stays out of sight until you want otherwise.
  • One of the features possibly worth it is the unique addition to the kitchen. The L-shaped countertop gives you more room for prep and cleaning besides defining your space and making it feel larger.
  • Moving forward, you get a surprisingly low-profile bathroom bursting with luxury amenities, including a handcrafted tub.

Flagstaff Classic Super Lite 26FKBS

Building a lightweight trailer is almost like building a house that floats on air. You want it to be as light as possible, and you should not fill it with any unnecessary materials or decorations.

So, if you’re all about lightweight trailers, the Flagstaff Classic Super Lite 26FKBS might be right up your alley – weighing in at only 6800 pounds. It tips the scales much less than many of its competitors.


  • The unit features dual-slides for full and cozy living.
  • The large bathroom separating the living room from the bedroom is my favorite component of this class B travel trailer.
  • The side hall separates the bathroom from the bedroom at an angle.
  • The queen bed slides alongside or across from a sofa to make it possible for everyone to watch television without sacrificing a private bedroom area for one person.
  • This layout remains steadfast on the outside with giant slides and an open concept making it easy to enjoy every bit of your wilderness getaway.
  • It is an excellent option if you want all of the conveniences of home while feeling like you’re in vacation mode.
  • The Flagstaff Classic Super Lite series solves the storage problem by incorporating a drop-frame into the rear of the trailer, similar to the front on many fifth wheels.
  • You get some of the deepest and tallest storage in this segment.

Want to find luxury that only surrounds itself with hidden gems in America? Then, this is a unit you should consider!

Outdoors RV MTN TRX 21FBS

Not every RV shopper might house a family. So, it becomes a tad challenging to find an appropriately sized travel trailer suited for an adventure-seeking couple. Fortunately, this Outdoors RV MTN TRX 21FBS ticks all the right boxes in terms of comfort and style while also remaining easy to drive and park due to its compact size.

Manufactured as a compact 21-footer, the Mountain Trail models are considerably more spacious than you’d think. So, if you’re looking for your first RV or need something that will seat just two, this might become your dream trailer.


  • The MTN TRX 21FBS trailer is an excellent option for long-term stays because of its homey and spacious interior.
  • Customers often choose this model if they plan to stay in one place for a while, as it features ample storage and a well-appointed kitchen area.
  • Its decent sleeping capacity hosts little more than a game of Scrabble between friends. But it’s still big enough to be comfortable when you start adding more people to the mix.
  • The shower is enormous enough that two people could comfortably fit without getting in each other’s way once things get steamy!
  • The 6,100-pound camper will cost you around $32,000. The price might appear way too much for a small trailer. However, you get luxury amenities for both camping and traveling through fire roads without compromising on safety for that price.

Keystone Hideout 179LHS

Camping on a budget shouldn’t mean always sacrificing comfort for the price. While slide-outs may have started featuring smaller trailers for a few years now, they are only recently making their way into the ultra-affordable “stick and tin” units.

Compared to the other units we’ve looked at so far, the Keystone Hideout 179LHS will not come with as many bells and whistles as many of the higher-end units, but that’s okay!

The trailer provides an affordable camper in a small footprint that gives you all of the basics without taking up too much space in your garage or being limited by incredibly tight spaces and obstructions like what you might run into while out camping.


  • The exterior is beige with sturdy awnings and a vinyl roof.
  • There is a marine-grade manual leveling jack that features built-in level indicators for easy hookup to your vehicle’s trailer hitch when folded out.
  • The interior of the 179LHS model has a light color scheme with an ample amount of cupboard space, sleeping space, and floor storage.
  • There’s also an option to add a bathroom with a toilet & shower and bunk beds while maintaining the optional master bed in the front to maximize sleeping space.
  • There are even towel racks right outside each shower door and plenty of light shining through during any time of day.
  • The Keystone Hideout 179LHS comes under $20,000. Hence, it is affordable to anyone.

Coleman 244BH

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a spacious camper to fit your whole family, but the Coleman 244BH is an exception. The model, which can house up to four adults and multiple pets, has a highly comfortable sleeping area with two mattresses on either side for the most relaxing experience.

Still, if you are going away alone or plan on having more than three other passengers in your car, this camper may not be able to accommodate all of you once set up. If this is the case, we recommend looking at alternatives as it might appear too small for some people during their next trip.


  • The apartment complex has got an incredible renovation with a facelift.
  • The company has added new kitchen countertops and upgraded some of the appliances.
  • The L-shaped kitchen allows for a decent amount of space for food preparation, and the work surface is long enough to allow several people to work together to prepare a feast.
  • A central U-shaped dinette is in the unit, but it’s not just there for eating.
  • The trailer encompasses a lot of miscellaneous furniture, including the sofa with removable cushions, which means you can use it in many different ways, like sitting comfortably, eating in front of the TV, or having an elegant dinner party out on the balcony.
  • The cost of the Coleman 244BH is nearly $44,000.

Sportsmen Classic 151RB

Many of the trailers we’ve talked about are pretty small. What if you want the benefits of a slide-out in a genuinely tiny recreation vehicle? If that is the case, this Sportsmen Classic 151RB – the smallest trailer on the market is the best find with a slide-out.

It’s hard to find a travel trailer that measures less than 17 feet and is more compact than the Sportsman Classic 151RB. Despite its small size, the 151RB contains a lot within that minuscule length.

It has the following features.

  • A full-sized permanently mounted queen bed.
  • It has an impressively room rear shower stall.
  • It has two built-in seats behind the driver. You can convert them into another sleeping space at night when needed.
  • The Little Sportsman classic has managed to stay down around 2,500 pounds despite having slide-outs for additional sleeping space. That’s about as small as you can make a travel trailer with the amount of storage and living space without leaving something out of the equation.

When they choose smaller travel trailers, many customers often overlook the importance of certain features. For instance, many will choose a small travel trailer because of the price but leave themselves without an awning due to size constraints.

The small team is ideal for 1-2 people and costs less than $20,000. It somehow manages to have a 10 foot extended awning built-in and plenty of other storage throughout the unit, even at this compact size. It’s also a great solution as a standalone unit if you want to live life on your terms or with someone else.

Coleman Lantern LT 18FQ

Coleman is a widely popular American camper brand. It first came into existence in Wichita, Kansas, over 100 years ago. Coleman started out making lamps and lanterns then. However, with their knack for designing, they began crafting camping equipment to supplement their shell gas station entrepreneurial efforts.

Although it’s impossible to say what the future holds for this company, one thing is sure. The folks at Coleman have dedicated practitioners of their own beliefs to making top-notch products that will last for generations at an affordable price. Whether you are a mature camper or just beginning, Coleman equipment will help you face any obstacle.

The 18FQ’s mission statement is to provide the most space in the smallest external size. At under 23-feet and 4,000 pounds, the camper fits into campsites that many other models wouldn’t even fit.


  • It manages to feel exceptionally spacious despite its diminutive dimensions, courtesy of the slide-out that takes up over 70% of the side of the trailer.
  • Although it only has one slide out, one can use this model’s main deck for all the space. That way, you end up upbringing with you as ever but in a noticeably smaller footprint.
  • The Coleman travel trailer has a smaller bathroom. Though it is insufficient for more prominent families, friends going out camping might find it helpful.

Apart from the above positives, there are some negatives too. The Coleman trailer kitchen is functional, but it has its faults. For example, the sink is tiny, with just a two-burner stovetop and mid-tier countertops to work on here. Hence, some work in the kitchen section is due.

Grand Design Imagine 2400BH

Serving hard-core campers over the years, Grand Design has made a name for itself in the luxury RV industry. Most models from Grand Design feature the same general layout, but their signature series called the Imagine pleasantly twists things up with some more unique design choices. The Imagine 2400BH model is one such example of high-quality finishes coupled with affordable pricing.

To begin with, rear-positioned double-width bunk beds, a U-shaped dinette that doubles as an entertainment center, and a front queen bedroom are some examples of these small changes.


  • One of this unit’s most delicate features is its function as a secondary toy hauler.
  • A substantial rear door is present in the living space that nods open into the bunk area’s main feature – reinvented as an outdoor kitchen.
  • The official outdoor extension of your home while outdoors cleverly allows you to enhance the camping experience by being able to haul bikes and sports equipment for convenience at any time.
  • The ever-important fridge is also present within this central section of the camper, ensuring overall safety in cooking and food storage (keeping it chilled).
  • Why have one primary entrance when you can have two? Now that’s what we call maximizing your options.
  • Lastly, we can’t talk about the trailer without discussing the bathroom. It’s huge! Often in a trailer bathroom, it feels like an afterthought, but here it feels like a focus. With a genuinely massive shower with plenty of space for flooring and even a corner-mounted vanity with built-in storage for easy access, it’s easy to imagine how all of you or your guests will enjoy staying here.
  • The Grand Design Imagine 2400BH is available at an affordable price of $34,000.

What is the smallest camper with a slide-out?

The Sportsmen Classic 151RB travel trailer is the smallest camper with a slide-out.

Are slide-out campers worth it?

Recreational vehicles generally have a limited length to let them venture even in the most cramped space. Slide-outs came into the picture to keep the distance untouched and increase the room in an RV to accommodate more people or better manage indoor activities.

A slide-out is an additional room without a door in layman’s terms. It is of two types – hydraulic and electric. While hydraulic slides are complex and use an external motor for movements, the electric models run on the RV’s in-built power system.

A slide-out camper has the following pros over campers without a slide-out:

  • A slide-out creates more space without increasing the trailer length.
  • Slide-outs with windows enhance air circulation. Slide-outs require minimal maintenance and repairs if maintained well. It is a must-have if you are out in a beautiful country.
  • These days, slide-out campers are available in various sizes and under all pricing tags.

However, there are some cons as well. These include:

  • Slide-out campers are not suitable for rough weather conditions. Hence, you can sideline small trailers with slide-outs if you often camp in such situations.
  • Another major disadvantage associated with slide-outs is water leaks.
  • Campers with a slide-out are heavier than those without a slide-out.
  • Due to balancing issues, you should never overload the slide with cargo.

So, these are some common pros and cons concerning slide-out campers.

It is pretty evident from the discussion that slide-out campers are worth it for trailers who either don’t camp much or, even if they do, the weather conditions stay pleasant. However, it is not the best option for hard-core campers who love adventure and camping in rough and challenging situations.


Camping is a great way to spend a day. You can find plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors when you’re not even trying to camp. And we are sure that you don’t want to go for the small RV that can’t please your needs, especially when it comes to having more space.

Although there are hundreds of other camper options out there, these eight campers seem to be the most well-balanced option for comfort and functionality for those who enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors.​