Trailers That Can Fit In A Garage : [ 2022 Updated List ]

Providing your trailer with proper covering and shelter is extremely important for its upkeep and longevity. It is why it is advisable to keep your trailer inside a garage.

As simple as that might sound, it isn’t always possible to own or find a garage that would conveniently be able to lodge your large RV. The average dimensions vary from 12 x 22 feet to 20 x 22 feet.

So, it would help if you opted for an RV under 22 feet. There are multiple options of such suitably sized trailers for you. Let us look at a list of such RVs that would easily fit inside your garage in this article.

Trailers That Can Fit in a Garage

1. Forest River R-Pod-171

Want to go on a long road trip or go camping, and have all the necessary equipment packed conveniently under the roof of one RV? Go for the 19 ft. long R-Pod-171.

This RV, even though small, is well furnished with a full dining setup, queen-sized bed, kitchen, and a wet bath. The most striking feature of this trailer is its wonderful interior arrangement, which allows you to use space to its best.

The R-Pod-171 has segregated spaces for its bed and its dinette. In most trailers, unfolding the bed often leads it to overlap into the dinette. It makes the interiors more cramped up and thus leaves you with little space to move around seamlessly inside the trailer.

Since there are designated spaces for the dinette and the bedding inside the R-Pod-171, you have ample space to move around. It makes it easier for you to fit it in your garage.

This trailer gives you the luxury of space and tidiness inside your trailer while affordable. The dimensions of this trailer are as follows- height: 9’7, length: 19’00, width: 97″.

2. Happy Camper HC1

In comparison to most trailers, the Happy Camper HC1 is significantly smaller. Its length extends to about 14 feet, it is 7’8 in height, and its width happens to be about 6’6. This trailer might be small, but it comes with a great perk. You can completely customize its interiors according to your wishes.

The trailer’s insides consist of numerous squares that act as points of attachment. You can customize your trailer by attaching beds, seats, tables, etc., to these squares and customize the interior décor according to your own will! This trailer will not only fit easily inside your garage but will also be very portable, thanks to its compact structure. It is also budget-friendly!

3. Winnebago Micro Minnie

This trailer comes in several models, but the most popular one happens to be the 1708FB. The dimensions of this trailer are as follows: 19’5 in length, 10’5 in height, and 7′ in width. Since the height of this trailer is just over 10 feet, garages that are a bit large will easily fit inside them.

The Winnebago Micro Minnie comes with a kitchen, dining set up, a full bath, and a full-sized bed. All this provides you with enough free space for convenient movement inside the trailer.

4. Scamp Trailer

If you’re someone who is looking for a compact trailer furnished with all the basic but important features, this trailer is just for you! This trailer is 13′ long, 6’8 wide, and 7’6 tall.

The best feature of this trailer is that it is extremely compact, making it easily portable, and it can be conveniently fit inside most garages. The Scamp Trailer comes equipped with a convertible dinette-bed, kitchen, and a wet bath.

5. Safari Condo Alto R1713

The most interesting part about this trailer is its extendable roof. With the roof lowered down, the height of the Condo Alto reaches just about 7 feet, which makes it extremely convenient for you to store it in a regular-sized garage.

Once you extend the roof, the height of the RV increases by a good 18 inches, which makes the interiors tall enough. It comes equipped with a dinette, bed, kitchen, toilet, all extremely proficiently arranged inside its compact interiors.

6. The Little Guy ([email protected])

The Little Guy happens to be a product of the very popular [email protected] brand specializing in creating small and efficient trailers. This trailer is super easy to be stored inside an average-sized garage as it is only about 13’5 long. It is also just 6′ in height, making for even more convenient storage or parking.

The Little Guy comes with an interior bedding set up and an outdoor kitchen facility. Having an outdoor kitchen is better for small trailers as the interiors become free from the possibility of getting stinky or stuffy from all the fumes and smoke that result from cooking.

7. Taxa Outdoors Cricket

The Taxa Outdoors Cricket also comes with a pop-up roof feature. It is well equipped with all the facilities of a normal camper while being a compact trailer. This trailer has a designated bed-dinette region, a separate storage area, and a kitchen.

As it has a pop-up roof, it can be easily fit into most garages and can instantly be converted into a comfortably spacious size when out on the road. It is about 10′ long, 7′ wide, and 7′ tall.

8. Nucamp TAB Teardrop Camper

The Nucamp TAB comes with a wet bath, a dinette/bed, and a kitchen. It is 15’3 long, 6’8 wide, and 7’8 tall, making it easily storable in all average-sized garages.

While being so compact, it comes equipped with many of the features of a normal-sized RV. This trailer will be an ideal pick for you if you’re looking for a small but first-rate trailer.

What Size Trailer Can Fit in a Garage?

Yes, a trailer can very well fit into an average-sized single car garage, provided the trailer is below 8′ tall and under 8′ in width. You need not worry if you have access to a larger garage (12′ x 22′, or 20′ x 22′).

You can fit in a trailer of any dimension. But if you have a garage that is not so spacious, you would have to go for trailers with pop-up roofs or small and compact trailers.

Can Class B RV Fit in a Garage?

Class B RVs are small in size and are very compact. Hence, these RVs can be very easily fit into average-sized single-car garages. Apart from many benefits of owning a class B RV, like- minimal setup time, greater fuel mileage than the bigger RVs, numerous in-built features in a compact space, the major plus point happens to be convenient storage. It is one of the key reasons these trailers are so much in demand.


If you happen to be a camping enthusiast or someone who has a penchant for going out on long road trips into the wilderness of the countryside, owning a trailer can be extremely beneficial for you.

But for you to buy yourself the perfect trailer, you need to keep in mind some basic points. One of the most important factors to be looked after happens to be storage.

You have to ensure that your RV receives proper shelter and covering for it to last long and give you the service you desire. For this, you need to buy an RV that conveniently fits the garage available to you.

This article includes a list of RVs that are easily storable in regular and average-sized garages, and it is sure to help you make the correct choice!